Picking your first Needlepoint Canvas

buy proscar in canada It can be daunting walking into a Needlepoint Store as a new stitcher! With so many threads, kits and canvases to chose from, it’s understanding that picking your first needlepoint project can seem overwhelming! Today on the blog, I wanted to share my top five tips for new stitchers, looking to pick out their first project.

go here 1. 13 vs. 18 Count Canvas

http://metrotitleco.com/31162yrrujgtjbxt When picking your first piece of stitching, you will certainly want to consider whether you want to work on 13 or 18 count canvas! 13 count canvas has 13 holes to the linear square inch vs. 18 holes to the linear square inch. 13 count canvas may be easier for beginners to see, since there are fewer, larger holes on your canvas!

2. Overall size of your piece

cheap 1 pill of cefixime 400 mg While we all love beautiful big landscapes, florals and full size stockings, when starting out, it may be best to pick an ornament or a belt! It’s best not to overwhelm yourself on your first project. You will feel like you’re making more progress more quickly!

3. How many colors are you dealing with, and is there a lot of shading?

When you’re picking your first piece, you want to look for clear cut lines and large areas of single colors! It’s a pain to be worrying about whether or not you’re putting 5 different colors of blue in a midnight sky in exactly the right spot- and not something you want to deal with when you’re trying to master a whole new craft!

4. Ask your shop employee to kit your canvas in Single Strand Threads!

Single Strand Threads like Planet Earth’s Pepper Pot Silk, Vineyard Silk and Silk Lamé Braid are lovely to work with- and give a beautiful finished product! Plus when working with these fibers you don’t have to worry about plying and laying your threads.

5. Pick a canvas you love!

This is by far one of my biggest pieces of advice! Needlepoint is time consuming, and you’re going to be spending a good amount of time looking at one design- make sure it’s something you love!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces for beginners:

1. Kirk and Bradley’s Ho Ho Ho

First Needlepoint

2. Kate Dickerson’s Houndstooth Heart

First Needlepoint

3.  Barbara Bergsten’s Needlepoint Shifts

First Needlepoint

4. Raymond Crawford’s Needlepoint Ornaments

First Needlepoint

5. Associated Talents Candy Stripe Ornaments

First Needlepoint

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