Stitch Along Sunday Scott Church Zebra: Part II Good evening everyone! It’s Stitch Along Sunday! Today on the blog I’m revealing how I stitched the body of my Zebra, his mane, tail and hat!

buy Dilantin australia For those of you who weren’t reading along when I shared the first segment of the work I’ve done on the Zebra, you can read all about the background here! If you are looking to purchase the canvas, it is a Scott Church design, which is distributed through CBK Needlepoint. He can be ordered from any local needlepoint store that stocks CBK’s designs.

Part II

Here is a list of threads you will need to complete this evening’s steps:
Caron Impressions 0020- Black
Caron Impressions 0057- True White
Caron Impressions- 1043- Dark Grey
Caron Impressions- 1046- Light Grey
Kreinik #12 Braid 005 and 010HL
Rainbow Gallery Very Velvet V201, V206, V207, V208, V215, V216

The body of the zebra is all done in encroaching gobelin using 1ply Caron Impressions 0020, 0057 and 1046 in varying directions.

Front half of the body:

Part II

Back half of the body:

Part II

Front legs:

Part II

Back legs:

Part II

Tent stitch the nose using Very Velvet V201, V215 and V216

Tent stitch his ears using 2ply Caron Impressions 1043 and 1046.

Tent stitch his eye using Kreinik #12 Braid 005 and 010HL

Part II

His mane is done in long turkey work using 3ply Impressions 0020, 0057 and 1043. Don’t turkey work every row- stitch every other! This will allow the turkey work to lay flatter than it normally would.

If you don’t already know how to do turkey work, there is an excellent instructional video that can be found on Mary Corbet’s blog Needle N’ Thread.

His tail is padded and then satin stitched to reflect what is painted on the canvas. Use Impressions 0020 and 0057.

To stitch the fringe on the end of his tail, find a needle with a large eye (I used a size 20 needle for this part). Pull together about 12 strands of Impressions 0020 and 1043 and knot them on one end. Thread the other end through the needle and pull them through the end of the tail.

You may want to add some long and short stitches underneath the tail, so the painting on the canvas is covered.

Zebra’s Hat:

My zebra’s hat is stitched in the following pattern using Very VelvetV206, V207, V208. Substitute in and out colors to reflect what is painted on the canvas.

Ear flap:

Part II

Top and rim of hat:

Part II

Part II

That’s all for this week, friends! I promise to post more soon!

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