Stitch Along Sunday- Scott Church Zebra- Part I Good evening everyone! Today marks the beginning of a series of posts called Stitch Along Sunday.

source url As promised, here is the first part of my Scott Church Zebra. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my step by step stitch guide for him! If you are looking to purchase the canvas, it is a Scott Church design, which is distributed through CBK Needlepoint.

go here I hope you all will join in the fun!

Stitch Along Sunday
For the background, here is a list of threads you will need:
1. Painters Threads Ribbon Floss Shimmer- Matisse
2. Pepper Pot Silk PP016- Tomato
3. Threadworx Overdye Metallic #12 braid- 910891- Poppy
4. Rainbow Gallery Silk Lamé Braid- SL08

brand levitra cheap As you can see from the picture, I stitched irregular snowflake patterns on the red sky. This is a very open background, but I wanted to chose something that wouldn’t overwhelm the rest of the design. After a few other tries (and a disastrous bargello!) this is what I decided on.
What do you all think? Cute, huh?

Here are the diagrams you will need to complete the background:

Stitch Along Sunday- snowflake

Stitch Along Sunday- Tiny Snowflake

Stitch Along Sunday- Snowflake 3

Stitch Along Sunday Snowflake 3

Stitch Along Sunday

They came from Julia Snyder’s book Backgrounds and Such.
A huge thank you for your inspiration, Julia! If you don’t already own this book, you should be sure to buy it! It’s chock full of creative ideas you won’t find elsewhere!

With these building blocks, you all get to use your own creativity to determine where exactly to place the snowflakes on the canvas! The idea is that with all these different patterns and threads to chose from, no two canvases will look exactly alike!

As you can see from the picture above, I’ve already made some strides on the zebra, himself… information on him will be up on Stitch Style soon!