To the Shore- Peter Ashe

Good morning everyone and happy weekend!

This is really a very exciting post for me, because my Peter Ashe house is home from the framer. This piece is titled “To the Shore” and is distributed by Julia’s Needleworks.

To the Shore
When this piece came back from market last summer, I just knew that I had to stitch it. I’m sure you all have all found those pieces that just “speak” to you too, for one reason or another. If only it was as sunny and warm outside now, as it is in this scene. I’m so sick of the snow!

To the Shore
I’m really glad I chose the frame and the matte that I did. I wanted the piece to have a sort of “old time” feel, which I think a less contemporary frame really helped capture. I think this piece will live in my house forever!

As always, a huge thank you to Troy Fine Art in Fairfield, CT for their exceptional work.