Snowed in and stitching away Snowed in this morning in Fairfield, CT, and it’s still coming down! I can’t remember the last time I saw this much snow. I feel like I’ve been shoveling the driveway for an eternity… writing to you all is a welcomed break. After finishing my Snowy Owls the other day, I really felt like I needed to complete something small. I turned to this darling Amanda Lawford ornament, that’s been in progress for a while.

enter site Snowed in- A star a star

James gave this canvas to me after I helped him move to Ft. Leonard Wood this past fall. (He’s a Second Lieutenant in the Army, and is stationed near St. Louis right now). He’s sweet enough to know I always need projects to help pass the time while he’s away.

As someone who grew up singing in choir, I’ve loved this series for a long time. I’ve just sort of collected one canvas at a time as I’ve found them, and haven’t been terribly concerned about having them all finished identically, since they each have their own personality.

Snowed in-completed AL ornaments

All the canvases have partial lyrics to famous christmas carols on them… Deck the halls, Joy to the world, Jingle Bells… all the holiday staples!

They come in two different sizes- a mini 3 inch version on 18 mesh (like the ones I’m working on), and a larger 4 inch version on 13. Simple and festive!

Snowed in-series

snowed in- 2 more

Friends on the East Coast- I hope you are all surviving the storm! What are you stitching to pass the time on this wintery day?
Email me pictures at: (along with your first name and hometown!) and I will share the them in a special “reader-showcase” post for all of you!