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New Travel Rounds from Dallas!

We’re back in the office after a whirlwind trip to Destination Dallas! Melissa and I picked up so many fun new arrivals. I can’t wait to unpack all of the canvases and see everything again in person.

Kirk and Bradley released two new travel rounds which are available now on Needlepoint.Com with stitch guides. The two new locations are North Carolina and Alaska. Aren’t they fun!? I think the colors are so gorgeous in both of them.



These two new additions are a part of a larger series. We have all of the canvases in stock here, available immediately with stitch guides. Some of my favorite destinations are pictured below.





You can find all of them online here!

English Ribbonwork Landscape

Hey everyone! I know those of you who follow along on with my Instagram page have seen the progress that I’ve made on this Kirk and Bradley English Ribbonwork Landscape, but I haven’t had a chance to write a blog yet. Here it is:


This is the last piece I had to stitch that I will be teaching at the retreat. It’s going to be a packed weekend for me with the Nativity Class on Friday and our Travel Round Class on Sunday! I’m working as quickly as I possibly can to get it finished up!

I’ve just had the best time stitching this landscape. I love the way Vernon designed it to be a bit like a sampler. You have really clearcut areas for each stitch you choose.He intentionally left the background somewhat blurry so that the flowers pop out in the front. just waiting on an order of River Silks Ribbons (my favorite!) and then I’ll be able to get it finished up! You know I love any opportunity I can get to work in ribbon!

Still haven’t made a decision on how I want to have it finished. Maybe a pillow!? But I’d also love to have it out year round framed on the wall. What do you all think?

Call the shop at 919-828-5538 to sign up for the class.
Can’t join us for the retreat? Canvas is exclusive to Needlepoint.Com so call to preorder a kit!

Openwork backgrounds: a new online class

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! Today I wanted to write a quick post to share our newest online class with you all. It’s all about Openwork Backgrounds!


I’ve noticed from working in the shop that picking out background stitches seems to really stump people. It’s understandable though: too busy of a pattern and it overwhelms your whole piece. Not enough of a pattern and sometimes it doesn’t even look like you stitched it.

This class aims to help teach you how and why to use different background stitches, and make it easier for you to pick your own background stitches as well!

Your class includes blank canvas, stretcher bars, a variety of different threads, a printed stitch guide and forever access to your online classes. Yes! Your classes never expire and will now remain in your Needlepoint.Com account as a resource to use again and again!

You can purchase the class online here! It’s one of my favorite I’ve ever written- I know you all will love it!

Pepperberry Joy Snowman Stitch Guide & Trunk Show

This sweet little “joy” snowman is back from the finisher. Isn’t he the cutest? I thought I would share the stitch guide for it on the blog today!


Here is a list of threads you will need to complete the project:
Anchor Floss: #19, 227
Bella Lusso: #0575
Kreinik #8 Braid: #002, 005, 5760
Flair: #F588
Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP02, 16
Size #14 Sundance Beads #1, 471
Jingle Bell

Stitch Instructions:
Area: Sky
Thread: Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP16
Stitch: Skip Tent Stitch

Area: Face
Thread: Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP02
Stitch: Tent Stitch

Area: Nose
Thread: Flair #F588
Stitch: Bullion Knot

Area: Eyes and Mouth
Thread: Kreinik #8 Braid #005
Stitch: Tent Stitch

Area: Snowflakes 
Beads: Sundance Size #14 Beads #1
Beading Thread: Crystal Braid Beading Thread:
Stitch: Classic Tent Stitch Beading

Area: Stripes on Hat
Threads: Kreinik #8 Braid #002, 5760
Stitch: Tent Stitch

Area: Green Hat
Threads: Anchor Floss #227
Stitch: Double Woven Stitch


Area: End of Hat
Embellishment: Jingle Bell
Beading Thread: Crystal Braid Beading Thread
Stitch: Classic Tent Stitch Beading

Area: Red Hat Band
Threads: Bella Lusso #0575
Stitch: Alternating French Knots and Basketweave

Area: Scarf
Thread: Bella Lusso #0575
Stitch: Horizontal Kalem Stitch- portion by neck
Diagonal Knitting Stitch- Tails of Scarf
Turkey Work- Fringe on End

Area: Arms
Thread: Straw Silk
Stitch: Satin Stitch

Area: Body of Snowman
Thread: Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP02
Stitch: Pavilion Diamond Stitch


Area: “Joy” Banner
Thread: Anchor Floss #19, 228, Kreinik #8 Braid #002
Beads: Sundance Size #14 Beads #471
Beading Thread: Crystal Braid Beading Thread
Stitch: Tent Stitch- for green and red portion of banner
String and Couch Beads- for the letters
Couching- for gold string

You can find this cute ornament on our website here. It’s currently 20% off in the Pepperberry Trunkshow this month. There are so many cute designs in there… I’m having a hard time picking out just one canvas to stitch!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Shop the trunk show online here. 
You can also call the shop to order at 919-828-5538.

This only happens once a year!

This May is the perfect time to brush up on your stitching techniques as our must have online classes are on sale now. Our Kit Sale only happens once a year! Whether you’re looking to learn a brand new stitching technique such as beading or Turkey Work, or want to expand your vocabulary of decorative stitches, there are tons of classes to help take your stitching to the next level.

I often get asked how our online classes work at Needlepoint.Com, and the answer is incredibly easy. Rather than requiring you to make yourself available at a particular time for a Skype session or video conference (super impractical!), our kits come with 24-7 video access in our online educational portal. Once you log in to your class, you will find all the videos you need, and will be able to watch them as many times you would like. We are also in the process of moving to a brand new system where your online classes will NEVER expire. Simply purchase the class, and you will have access to that resource for the rest of your life!

I’ve listed all of our online technique classes below, and given you all a quick breakdown of each one.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Ribbon Technique Class.
These are perhaps my favorite classes of all time!


Frosty Stitches class teaches all sorts of stitches for snow. Plus you end up with six of the cutest snowman faces ever when you’re all done!

Our Santa’s Beard Class teaches lots of fun stitches, and includes tons of fun, fuzzy, fluffy threads for effect!


Our Haunted Halloween Stitches Class is the best way to learn spooky stitches for your halloween canvases. Lots of fun glow in the dark threads to play with in here!

Perfectly Tailored Stitches talks all about different ways to bring clothing to life on your needlepoint projects. This class covers everything from knitted scarves and mittens, to jewelry and fancy dresses!


Our beading class is one of our most popular ever. If you want to learn how to add embellishments, sequins and other bling to your canvas, this is the class for you!


Our Turkey Work Workshop literally FLEW off the shelves when we launched it. This stitch can be so tricky to learn without good visual tools. In this class we cover seven variations on Turkey Work and other tufted stitches.


What else would you all like to see in our online classes?
Leave a comment in the box below, and don’t forget. The sale is over at the end of the month!

Engagement Ornament by Princess and Me

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! If you’ve been reading along for a while, you probably know that James and I got engaged right before Christmas. Naturally, I wanted to stitch something to commemorate the event. I shared a photo of our engagement ornament last night on Instagram. I’m so pleased with the way it turned out! The canvas is by Princess and Me. I made a couple of changes to the design to make it look a little bit more like us- hair color and clothing mostly! The stitch guide also called for a bright yellow background… just not my taste. I ended up swapping colors out for this light blue, which is one of my favorites. I’m planning on having December 16th (the day he proposed!) monogrammed on the back.

Engagement Ornament
For those of you who have asked, we’re having tons of fun planning for the wedding. I’m busy picking out color schemes and invites…. and James is mostly excited about all the free food tastings!

If you’re looking for this canvas, you’re in luck! It is currently 20% off in the Princess and Me Trunk Show at Needlepoint.Com.
You can find that canvas right here!