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A brand new online class and a life update!

I know I’ve been terrible at blogging the past few months. Life has been absolutely crazy. James and I got married in April (it was the best day ever!)… went on an incredible honeymoon to Spain and Italy in May… moved cross country to Missouri in June… and have just found out that we will be relocating AGAIN to Colorado Springs in December. We are so excited to move to the mountains- we are counting down the days until we go! 

On top of that, I’ve been commuting back and forth to Raleigh, NC from Fort Leonard Wood, MO once a month to work with Needlepoint.Com in person. I am so grateful for all of their flexibility and support! We’ve been working nonstop to create fun new videos, online classes, retreat projects and so much more to share with you all. But, I’ve really missed this, so I’m going to try and get back into a regular routine again with posting. During this time, of course I haven’t stopped stitching my personal projects too- so I have lots to share with you all! Thank you all for being so patient with me during this crazy period of transition!

Today I wanted to share a brand new online class with you that we just launched. Have you ever wanted to try your hand at fancy decorative stitches on your needlepoint canvas, but just don’t know where to begin? Maybe you find yourself wondering “What stitch is designed to go where?” And “how do I know what threads to use for the stitch?” If so, then this is the class for you. I designed An Introduction to Decorative Stitches to be geared towards advanced beginner stitchers. Not only does it teach all about different categories of decorative stitches, but it also talks heavily about how to pick stitches of your own. I know you all will love it!

The class includes a blank canvas, a printed stitch guide with diagrams, threads, and access to an online class that never expires. You simply log into your Needlepoint.Com account, and you can watch the videos as many times as you would like- pause them, rewind, skip through to find specific ones! It is such a great resource to have! 

The class is $55 and is available online here. 

If you are interested in other online classes, take a look on the website here! There certainly is a project or class for everyone!

Thank you all again for all of your support during this crazy time of transition in my life. I can’t wait to share more with you all soon!

Skip Tent Stitch- What’s the Stitch Video Series

Hey everyone. I have been very busy over at Needlepoint.Com working on a new video series we are calling “What’s the Stitch?” These are new videos we have been putting together all about our favorite decorative stitches. I just wanted to do a quick post today to share them with you all! Our second video in the series is now up, and it is all about Skip Tent Stitch. If you’re curious what Skip Tent Stitch looks like on a finished piece, you can see a stitched example of it on the background of the Manor House canvas I just completed.

You can watch this month’s video on Skip Tent Stitch here!

Skip Tent
Last month we talked about one of my personal favorites- Criss Cross Hungarian Stitch. What other stitches would you like to see us feature? Leave a comment below!

Retreat Update: The Manor House is Finished!

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe I’m finally able to write this post… but the Manor House that I’ve been working on is finished! I will be teaching this canvas, along with the attachable winter windows, at Needlepoint.Com’s Raleigh Retreat in 2019. You all may remember when I shared my progress on the blog last week.


This class is going to be chock-full of fun techniques to master. I picked a relatively simple (yet effective) background stitch, and went with Skip Tent Stitch, since there isn’t a ton of area to be filled with pattern. I didn’t want it to take away from the house. For the top portion of the cream facade, I did an enlarged variation on the stitch used on the lower half. There is definitely a lot of theory to learn, that we will talk about in class, including how to choose stitches and where to use them. Plus if you’ve never been to one of Needlepoint.Com’s Retreats you are missing out on a fantastic time! It’s one of the best weekends of the year- with lots of learning AND fun had by all.


I’ve finished all but one of the attachable windows. (You can see two of them below!) This is the part that I’m really excited about. How precious are they?! I can hardly wait to see how they look on the house itself! That’s always the hardest part… waiting for a piece to come back from the finisher. I’ll be sure to share when the Manor House does come back!


If you are interested in signing up for this class, you click here to sign up online. Don’t wait too long… spots are filling up quickly!

Cozy Critters Club

I’m so excited to share the newest club we have put together for you all at Needlepoint.Com. The Cozy Critters are here, and they are cute as can be!


The club is made up of three canvases. I don’t think I could pick a favorite out of all of them. They each have such personality! We decided that three was the perfect number to stitch one ornament for each of your children or grand children. It’s also a super manageable amount for a series.


There are lots of fun techniques to learn in here- plus you will be able to perfect your turkey work with our tutorial! The ornaments are finished with a gusset which I think gives them something extra special.


Each month you will receive a hand painted canvas and stitch guide delivered to your doorstep. All threads ship with the first canvas, because there is overlap between all three ornaments. The club also includes on online class that can be accessed forever 24 hours a day.


The best part is that the cost for the whole club is only $195. Super reasonable I think!


The first shipment goes out on April 1st, so make sure you sign up soon if you want to be included. There are limited quantities.

You can sign up online here. 

English Wildflower Basket- Teaching at TNNA

Hi everyone! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been back from TNNA for over a month. Where did February go?! Things have been so crazy! The days are going by so quickly- I know April is going to be here before I know it. I can’t believe I haven’t had time to share my experience teaching Kirk & Bradley’s new English Wildflower Basket at TNNA Las Vegas until now!


After a few days of selling for Kirk & Bradley and buying for Needlepoint.Com (the days are long but it is so, so fun!) I taught my class Sunday morning bright at early. I love having the opportunity to meet industry professionals from all over the country. And it is even more special to be able to share my love of stitching with them. I wish I could have had even more participants in my class, but due to space and time constraints it sold out!


The class focused primarily on different ribbonwork techniques. I talked about securing your threads and the most efficient ways to stitch a piece. I also was able to share a bit about my process when it comes to approaching a new piece. For instance, on this canvas you would want to stitch the foliage and basket before stitching the flowers, so that you don’t snag any of your ribbons. For this piece I picked a nice balanced trellis stitch for the background- I thought it felt appropriate for the setting of the canvas! No matter how proficient a stitcher you are, there is always something new and exciting to learn in a class- even if it is only a different way of thinking through things. I always pick up a few different ideas from my students too! It’s definitely a two way street!


I have a few kits left in stock and available for purchase through Needlepoint.Com. Nothing in the kit is so tricky that you wouldn’t be able to work through on your own at home. The kit includes the painted canvas, thread pack with ribbons, printed stitch guide and a vinyl bag. The kit is $265.

A big thank you also goes out to Rainbow Gallery, River Silks and Straw Silk for their generous thread donations, and to Kirk & Bradley for sponsoring the class!

Burnett & Bradley Christmas Car Kit

Ever since I started working here, I had plans to turn this car into a class! I think this Christmas Car is just about the cutest design in the entire Burnett & Bradley line of canvases. Here it is in time for the holidays… the perfect last minute Christmas gift!

Christmas Car

The kit includes the painted canvas, printed stitch guide, threads, and access to an online class that never expires. You will have everything you need to complete the project.
The price for the class is $85. There is a nice variety of different stitches taught too!

Christmas Car

We only have three kits left in stock, so be sure to order soon or you will miss out!

You can shop online here!