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Turkey Work Workshop- See it here first!

Hey everyone! Sometimes you all are lucky enough to see things first here on Stitch Style. Tomorrow at Needlepoint.Com we are launching a brand new online class- our Turkey Work Workshop! 

I’ve found in my teaching that this is one stitch that intimidates people like crazy, when it shouldn’t. In this online class, I break traditional Turkey Work down into each of its individual stages, and walk you step by step through them. Plus, there are over seven more different turkey work stitches included. Who knew there were that many ways to do tufting stitches?!

Turkey Work

Not only do I show you how to do each of the stitches, I make tons of suggestions where they might work well. Hats, fur, feathers, tails, bows, flowers- the possibilities are endless.

Online class includes year long access to our instructional videos, a printed stitch guide, blank canvas, stretcher bars, lots of fun threads. At just $65, you won’t want to miss out on this one. Only a limited number have been kitted, so be sure to order now to ensure you are included in our first shipment.

You can purchase the online class here!

Looking for other ways to improve your stitching techniques this spring? Try our other online classes like: Santa’s Beards, Beading Workshop or our Frosty Stitches classes instead!

Teaching at TNNA San Jose

Hey everyone! Hello from San Jose! I’m here with the “Bradley Bunch” for the winter needlepoint trade show!

I had the best time this morning teaching for at Kirk & Bradley. It was my first time teaching at a big national show, and I can honestly say that I had the best experience! I could not have asked for nicer attendees in my class! It was so fun to have an opportunity to connect with shop owners from all over the country and share tricks of the trade!

San Jose
San Jose
San Jose
A big thank you to all the thread vendors who made this class possible!
Planet Earth Fiber
Rainbow Gallery
River Silks
Silk Road Fibers
Sundance Designs

I will also be teaching this class at Needlepoint.Com on Saturday March 18th, 2018 from 9:30-3:30. I would love to have you join me! You can find more information on the class here- or call the shop at 919-828-5538 to sign up!

Be sure to check in over the course of the weekend for more market fun! I’ll definitely be sharing my favorites with you all!

Let it Snow Class at Needlepoint.Com

Hey everyone! I’m hoping you all have recovered from the wintery weather we had this past weekend! It’s still freezing in North Carolina, and several schools are still closed! The weather report says we’re supposed to be back up to a high of 70 by Friday- hard to believe given all the ice and snow we’ve had!

I know this is last minute, but I will be teaching this sweet Kirk & Bradley “Let It Snow” heart kit at Needlepoint.Com tomorrow from 10-11:30. If you are local and have some free time in your schedule, I’d love to have you join us! It really is the perfect piece to stitch this time of year! Class is geared towards an advanced beginner. We will also be talking a lot about beading- so it’s a great time to brush up on your skills or learn how for the first time. If you are interested in the class give us a call at 919-828-5538.


Alternatively, if you aren’t local, or can’t make it tomorrow, consider taking our online class version! Class includes all threads, canvas, beads, beading thread, a Needlepoint.Com logo bag and a printed copy of the stitch guide and one year access to our online videos! It’s a really nice and easy way to brush up on your skills at your own convenience.
You can order your own kit online here.



Stay safe and stay warm everyone!

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Teaching at TNNA Winter Trade Show- San Jose

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I will be teaching at the TNNA Winter Trade Show in San Jose, California this coming January. I would love to have any wholesalers or shop owners join me for this fun event!


I’ll be teaching the Kirk & Bradley Mews House Canvas Friday January 20 from 9am-4pm at the San Jose Convention Center. The Mews House Canvas is one of the newest additions to K&B’s line of Thoroughly English Needlepoint. It is stitched with a variety of threads from Planet Earth Fibers, Rainbow Gallery, Threadworx Overdyed Floss, Straw Silk, and beads from Sundance Designs. Ribbon techniques will use River Silks Ribbons. This is certainly a class your customers will love for you to share with them!



For those of you who are not eligible to attend the TNNA Trade Show, I will be repeating the class at Needlepoint.Com in Raleigh, NC on Saturday March 18th, 2017. You can read more about that event here!

Thanksgiving Turkeys by Burnett & Bradley

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! I will be teaching these adorable little Burnett and Bradley Thanksgiving Turkeys at Needlepoint.Com on Wednesday November 9th from 10:00-12:00! Aren’t they cute? And so silly- one is dressed up as a Pilgrim and the other as a Native American.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

This is a great opportunity to learn some fun new stitches and a little bit about ribbon.  The canvases are 3 3/4 x3 and 18 count- and both canvases are included as part of the class and kit. Such a fun little project to work on through the fall season. I think they will make such a fun addition to any Thanksgiving table!

Can’t make the class? Order your kit online and it will be shipped to you after the class on November 9th and includes online video access!

Order online or call the shop today at 919-828-5538!

Blast from the past

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend. I’ve got a funny little blast from the past for you all today!

My parents are currently moving out of our childhood home. My parents bought this house together the year I started Kindergarten. Of course, it is full of memories…

As my parents sort through their basement and attic, every once in a while my mom sends a box of things she thinks I might like to hang on to for the future down to North Carolina. Well, turns out she stumbled upon my first needlepoint canvas ever!


Needless to say… perhaps not my best piece of work ever haha. Funny thing is that I’m sure my mom and grandmother bought it for me at As you can tell the canvas is not in the best shape… Edges are unraveled… It’s stitched in DMC 3 and Paternayan Wool… I vaguely remember spilling a glass of iced tea or something on it at one point (Yikes!)

In my defense, I was also probably only about 9 or 10 years old when I started it. Who would have thought that more than a decade later I would be working for the same company that started my passion for needlepoint?

I had a pretty good laugh when I opened up the box to find this but I wanted to show you all this canvas today to bring it all back to the beginning. I’m sure you all can recall the piece of needlepoint that got you started. Maybe your mom taught you to stitch, or maybe it was a grandparent or a dear friend. Even though some people may look at this canvas and think that it belongs in the garbage, I just can’t quite bring myself to toss it out!