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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful day with the ones you love!

Today on Stitch Style, I’m sharing my top 10 favorite Valentine’s Day canvases!
Here y’all go!

1. This Kirk and Bradley Sweet Cupcake Scissor Finder

Happy Valentine

2. This Melissa Shirley Valentine’s Bunny Rabbit
(Plus, you could display him at Easter, too!)

Happy Valentine

3. This Kate Dickerson Cheetah Print Heart Ornament

Happy Valentine

4. This Amanda Lawford Heart and Cherub Ornament

Happy Valentine

5. This Associated Talents Heart Collage

Happy Valentine

6. This Zecca Candy Box Heart

Happy Valentine

7. This Labors of Love “Queen of Hearts”

Happy Valentine

8. This Kate Dickerson Ikat Pillow with Hearts

Happy Valentine

9. This Kirk and Bradley Mini Hot Air Balloon Ornament

Happy Valentine

10. This “True Love” heart by Melissa Shirley

Happy Valentine

I hope that all of you had the most wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day, everyone! I hope you all are able to spend some quality time with your families today. I’m so excited that we’re taking my mom out to dinner at Quattro Pazzi, this evening- and of course I already brought her a bunch of hyacinths this morning!
(They smell so good!)

Happy Mother's Day!

Today on the blog I’m sharing this piece my mom has been stitching by Associated Talents. Isn’t it fun? And such a great opportunity to learn new stitches and techniques on the different stripes and letters. (Check out “Joy” and “Be Jolly” designs too!) The great thing about so many of AT’s designs have free stitch guides that can be found here on their website. My mom has loved this design since it came out with it. She gives so much of her time and energy to her family, and friends, that I’m really glad she’s taking time to stitch this for herself.

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my mom is the one who taught me to stitch so many years ago! She’s always there to lend a helping hand when I fall behind shipping guides and get overwhelmed. But more than that she’s always been my number one supporter- I’m so lucky to have her in my life!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Kate Dickerson Herend Needlepoint Bunny

If there is such thing as a needlepoint sickness… I’ve certainly got it! How is it possible that this little guy has been nearly finished since I last posted about him in January? Who knew that it could take over three months to tie a bow around his neck…

Kate Dickerson Herend Needlepoint Bunny

Anyhow! The important thing is that I’ve finally finished this darling little Kate Dickerson Herend Bunny! He was such a great canvas to work on… I think he might (definitely!) need a friend?!

Kate Herend Herend Needlepoint Bunny

These rabbits are available in a lot of different color ways, but I liked that this green and red one came in a slightly smaller size than the others. On Kate’s website, she has them listed under Christmas designs… but I don’t see why you couldn’t put them out for Easter too? Red and green for Christmas and bunnies for spring- making this a SUPER practical needlepoint project (if there is such a thing?)

Since quite a few people have asked, I have written a stitch guide for him. The guide is $15 and for a limited time only, comes with the ribbon you will need for the bow on his neck! Just send me an email at if you would like a copy. I hope you all will love stitching him as much as I did… This was definitely a favorite project of mine to date!

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Needlepoint Gift Guide: Wedding Season

Evening everyone! It would appear that spring has finally arrived here for good in Connecticut… and about time too! Now that we’re half way through April, the season of weddings, christenings and graduations is quickly approaching! All of these are such major events for those involved, that I like to always try and give personalized presents when I can. What could be more heartfelt than a handmade gift, to help a dear friend commemorate one of these important life events for years to come?

That’s why today on Stitch Style, I’m sharing my Needlepoint Gift Guide for Wedding Season! Here are just a few of my favorite canvases, that I think would make the perfect gift for any couple tying the knot!

1. Raymond Crawford‘s Ornament Wedding Ring:

Wedding Season
I think this would be such a fun canvas to stitch! The diamond would have to be beaded or stitched in a super sparkly Kreinik to give the right effect.

2. Elizabeth Turner Collection Wedding Chapel

Wedding Season
This Elizabeth Turner Collection Wedding Chapel would be just darling stitched up! PLUS you can personalize the date on the bottom too.

3. Cooper Oaks Bride and Groom Canvas

Wedding Season

This piece is so different from any other wedding themed piece I have found. It would look amazing finished as a pillow! It remains very true to the style we know and love from Cooper Oaks.

4. Julia’s Needleworks Pillow

Wedding Season
This Pillow would be the perfect design to personalize for a wedding. Just add initials or a special date!

5. Kate Dickerson Lilly of the Valley Needlepoint Frame

Wedding Season

A picture frame is a wonderful idea too. Perfect to let the happy couple display a picture of their special day.

6. & More Needlepoint “Always” Canvas

Wedding Season

I love these simple sayings by Julia Snyder’s Company “& More.” I think the word “Always” is such a lovely sentiment to wish at a wedding. Plus this canvas gives you tons of room to play with different stitches.

7. Princess and Me Honeymoon Getaway Car

Wedding Season
This canvas makes me smile! I learned a lot from stitching Princess and Me ornaments early on. They’re great to learn from because they all come with a stitch guide. Plus they aren’t an overwhelming size.

8. Kate Dickerson’s Come Sail Away with Me

Wedding Season
This piece by Kate Dickerson is one of my absolute favorites. It’s a larger canvas… so definitely an undertaking. It reads “Come Sail Away with me… The best is yet to be!” Such a dear message, I think!

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Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy Easter, everyone! In the spirit of the day, I’m sharing my ten favorite Easter needlepoint canvases with you all! Granted, it’s a little late to get them done for this year, but you can add them to your stash for the next time round!

1. Associated Talents Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter
These Associated Talents Easter bunnies are just precious. I love the silhouette look about them- they are so fun and colorful. Plus there are so many different stitches you can do on them. They come in several color-ways and patterns, too!

2. Kate Dickerson’s Herend Bunnies

Happy Easter

I adore Kate Dickerson’s Herend Bunnies. They come in two different positions- either standing or crouching. Have you all seen the one I’ve been working on? They finish into great pillows- and best of all, you could leave them out all year long with the right decor. (These would make a great baby gift too!)

3. Squiggee Needlepoint Peeps

Happy Easter
You know those candy bar canvases that have been so popular recently? Well Squiggee makes a needlepoint Peeps canvas. I think I may have to get one of these. My dad LOVES Peeps… seriously… my parents can hardly keep them in the house this time of year!

4. Elizabeth Bradley Daffodils

Happy Easter
Nothing says Easter like daffodils! Since they are early bloomers, you know spring is here when they start to grow! Why not try an Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint floral? They make such gorgeous pillows when they are done.

5. Barbara’s Needlepoint Easter Eggs

Happy Easter
Barbara’s Needlepoint in South Dakota has an artist who paints for their store. These adorable Easter eggs are available exclusively through them. They don’t have a website, but you can view their designs on Facebook here. They have tons of precious bunnies and lambs too!

6. Ewe and Eye Chocolate Easter Bunny

Happy Easter
Ewe and Eye has painted a great chocolate Easter Bunny! He comes in both white and milk chocolate… yum! He is available as a kit from

Happy Easter

7. Melissa Shirley’s SPRING banner

Happy Easter
Not specifically Easter, but this design would make such a cute bolster pillow that you could leave out all season long! The colors are so happy and bright.

8. Associated Talents Carrots

Happy Easter

These canvases may not look like much unstitched, but just look at how adorable they are with all their ribbons and trims. One day I would love to have an Easter basket on my dining room table full of carrots and eggs just like these.

9. Susan Roberts Easter Eggs

Happy Easter

These baby Susan Roberts are so quick to stitch – instant gratification!

10. Melissa Shirley’s new Easter Basket

Happy Easter
We all love these Melissa Shirley Baskets! And look! This spring she came out with a stunning Easter basket. If you’re looking for a challenge… this is the canvas for you! Have a great day… and Happy Easter, everyone!

Valentine’s Day: Top Ten Canvases

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Today on Stitch Style I’m sharing my top 10 Valentine’s Day Canvases! Here you all go:

1. This cute sign that says “Be Mine” by Associated Talents

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases

2. These cute Valentine’s hearts by Melissa Shirley:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- melissa Shirley

3. This cute Candy House by Susan Roberts:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Susan Roberts

4. Kate Dickerson’s Love Heart:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Kate Dicerson Heart Love

5. Raymond Crawford’s Multicolored Love Canvas:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Raymond Crawford

6. Sandra Gilmore’s Strawberry Hearts from Fleur de Paris:

Top Ten Valentine's Day Canvases- Fleur de Paris

7. Kate Dickerson’s Ikat Heart Pillow:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Ikat

8. This sweet Kirk and Bradley cupcake heart:

Top 10 Valentine's day canvases- Kirk and Bradley

9. Purple Palm’s Heart Series:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Purple Palm

10. Melissa Shirley’s adorable Pink Bird House

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Birdhouse

I hope you all were able to spend your day surrounded by your loved ones.

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Sending love to you all, wherever you may be!
xo Virginia