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San Diego Market with

Hey there everyone!

I’m just back from a whirlwind trip to the San Diego Market. I flew out bright and early Thursday morning out of Raleigh-Durham International Airport with Melissa our shop manager. After checking into our hotel, we immediately went over to the convention center to help the girls over at our sister companies Kirk & Bradley and Burnett & Bradley put the finishing touches on their booths. It took us quite a while to get everything just perfect! Can you believe that it took 12 trunks to bring all of our curtains and cash and carry inventory from our North Carolina store?! As you can see quite a lot of work went into making our booths look extra special!

San Diego Market San Diego Market K&B
I could not have been luckier because my job during the San Diego Market was my two favorite things, shop for new canvases and threads for All of us had an incredible weekend! Here were some of my favorite finds:

I may be biased, but the new Kirk & Bradley “Hot Air Balloons” were released this weekend! Its taken a lot of restraint to not spill the beans and ruin the surprise while stitching them because I think they’re so stunning! I’ll be teaching the four large hot air balloons at our Raleigh retreat this coming March. I put a lot of love into stitching these canvases and can’t wait to share more with you soon. You can call the shop at 919-828-5538 or look online for more information on those classes.

San Diego Market Hot Air Balloons

Kirk and Bradley also released “New Orleans” and “Scotland” Travel Rounds along with six new snow cones. Joan Lohr and Ruth Dilts taught this one at market. He is my favorite!

San Diego market Snow Cone

Associated Talents released a new “Merry Christmas” banner which was absolutely adorable! Its a lot like the “Be Merry” banner that my mom stitched.

San Diego Market Be Merry

Melissa Shirley debuted her new artist Emma Williams, who had a lot of very unique still life canvases which I think are gorgeous.

San Diego Market Emma Williams

Cheryl Schaeffer’s new wine bottle stopper canvases and tray canvases also really stood out to me as something I want to stitch soon!

San Diego Market Wine Stopper

Pepperberry had lots of new Easter ornaments, and how amazing is this whole Easter Basket stitched?

San Diego market Easter Basket

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Ginger Jars

Good afternoon everyone! I hope your weeks are off to a wonderful start!

I’ve been working away on my Colors of Praise Oriental Ginger Jars, and I have to say, working from Tony‘s stitch guide has been quite a welcome departure from my usual routine. It’s really nice not to have to be the sole innovator on everything I stitch. Of course, I’m probably biased because I write so many, but I think stitch guides are such a great learning tool. No matter how great a stitcher you are, it’s always helpful to have a new point of view on how to approach a particular area of a canvas. Sometimes I find myself stuck in a rut, and having someone else’s perspective can really open your eyes to new possibilities.

Here’s what I’ve gotten done so far:

Ginger Jars
The yellow jar is almost complete. This evening I’m planning on doing the beading that still needs to be done on the tassels. But it’s really close! (One down… six more to go!)

Ginger Jars
I started couching down the Kreinik #16 braid that I needed for the design on the black and white spotted jar. I think it makes the center medallion look like it’s set off the canvas- a very cool effect that I will certainly use again. Tony suggested I use a similar effect on the base of the yellow jar you see above.

Ginger Jars

Plus! How AWESOME is this blue crystal Tony found for me?! I think it really adds something special to the piece that couldn’t be created any other way. I have another smaller one to use on the handle on the Pink jar, too. I attached it straight away because I was sure it would get lost otherwise…

Ginger Jars

What are you all stitching these days? Leave a comment, and share below!

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Weekend Reading

Happy Friday!! The weekend is here! I hope you all have something wonderful planned for your days off!

Weekend Reading
For those of you who are planning on spending a lazy weekend at home, I wanted to share some weekend reading with you all from some of my favorite needlepoint blogs… and beyond!

1. More about Vicki’s trip to work with the Embellishment Squad

2. Suzanne’s Melissa Shirley Pink Santa is back from the finisher

3. Loved this reminder to “dream bigger”

4. Ruth Schmuff’s newest Mystery Class started this past week

5. My Peter Ashe house Stitch Guide is done!

6. Great article from The EveryGirl on finding your own creative space

7. Tutorial on how to do jump through the loop turkey work from Needlepoint Now

8. I’m making this spiralized salad tonight with dinner. Yum!

9. If you want some stitch-inspriation… Check out Tony’s online portfolio. Wow!

10. New to needlepoint? Check out my top tips for new stitchers

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Hello from Kentucky!

Good morning everyone! Hello from Kentucky!

I’m sorry I’ve been so remiss from blogging this past week, but with Tony’s class last weekend and James’ graduation from Engineer Basic Officer Leadership Course this past Friday, I feel like I’ve barely stitched at all!

Hello from Kentucky Jinny and James

I’m writing to you all from somewhere in Kentucky. James and I left Missouri (misery… As I like to call it!) yesterday afternoon, and we should be in Ft. Bragg some time this evening! I’m excited to go apartment hunting and to get him all settled in his new place, before he goes to Airborne school and I have to head back to Connecticut.

I know I said I hadn’t gotten much stitching done, but I did finish this cute little candy bar from The Point of it All up. Can’t do anything that requires too much thought on the road!


Talk to you all again once we reach North Carolina!


On my mind lately…

Good afternoon everyone! Snow, snow, snow here in Connecticut… again! So I have the day off of work.

I’m supposed to be driving to Pennsylvania tomorrow to take a class with Tony Minieri... cross your fingers this weather stops and we’re able to get out of here! (I have plans to work on these Colors of Praise oriental vases! Check back for a blog post on that coming soon!)

On my mind lately- Tony Minieri Class
In the mean time I’m just sharing a little project that I finished up this afternoon. Yes… I’ve jumped on the candy bandwagon with everyone else. But I think these canvases are so cute once they’re made up. I think I’ll finish this one as a Christmas ornament… although a friend of mine is finishing them without hangers and leaving them out in a bowl year round. I thought that was such a clever idea!

On my mind lately- M&Ms
I found this canvas at Adornment Needlepoint when I was driving down south with my mom. It’s a Squiggee design, from a trunk show they were having at the time. Sometimes small projects are nice- less overwhelming than the big ones, and easy to carry around in your purse! What do you all think? What little projects are you all stitching on this snowy day?


Road Trip Round Up- Day Two

Hi friends! This morning on the blog I’m sharing all about day two of my road trip!
(You can read about the first part here!)

After spending Friday afternoon at the US offices of Kirk and Bradley and, I drove down to Winston-Salem, NC, where my mom and I spent the night before my audition the next day.

Thank you to those of you who sent me well wishes! I’m pleased to say that the audition went well! I got a callback, and I’m excited to see if anything comes of the experience.

More importantly! After the audition I had a chance to make a stop at Adornment Needlepoint– a darling little store in Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem. Although the store is smaller in size than some, it more than made up for it in character and charm. The owner Ansley was so kind and welcoming, as was her adorable companion Baxter the Corgi!

Day two
After picking up some goodies, we hopped back in the car and drove up to Fredericksburg, VA, before making the rest of the drive Saturday morning.

Although I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home, the trip was a ton of fun!
(I owe my mom a huge thank you for splitting the driving with me, because I absolutely couldn’t have done it without her!)