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Favorite Florals for Spring

Happy Monday everyone! Today on the blog, I’m sharing my favorite florals for spring! Nothing makes me happier to have fresh flowers in the house, and the best thing about these flowers is that they can be enjoyed year round!

Originally I had intended on sharing just my top ten, but I couldn’t narrow the list down… so here are my top thirteen!

1. Melissa Shirley Canvas “Goldfinch Bouquets”

Favorite Florals
2. Jean Smith Canvas “Morning Glow”

Favorite Florals
3. Kirk and Bradley Garden Floral

Favorite Florals
4. Kate Dickerson Azalea

Favorite Florals
5. Burnett and Bradley Three Flowers- Pink, Red & Aqua

Favorite Florals
6. Melissa Shirley’s Blue Birdhouse

Favorite Florals

7. Elizabeth Bradley’s Anemones on Navy Blue 

Favorite Florals
8. Purple Palm’s Beach Window

Favorite Florals
9. Associated Talents Zinnia

Favorite Floral
10. Kirk and Bradley’s Iris with Trellis Background

Favorite Florals
11. Jean Smith’s Peony Bouquet

Favorite Florals
12. Kirk and Bradley’s English Garden Round

Favorite Florals

13. Melissa Shirley’s Swan Basket Favorite Florals

English Garden Round Ribbon Technique Class

Hey everyone! Due to popular demand, I’m excited to say that we are offering our Kirk & Bradley English Garden Round Class once again at Needlepoint.Com!

Since the class sold out almost immediately at the Retreat, I will be teaching this sweet ornament again on Saturday April 16th from 10 am -12:30 pm.

English Garden Round

I had wanted to teach a Silk Ribbon Technique class from the day I started at Needlepoint.Com. When I couldn’t find a canvas that was just right for the project, we reached out to Vernon Kirk of Kirk & Bradley in the UK to help design us the perfect canvas to work with! Of course he and Katie captured exactly what I had in mind… didn’t it turn out just beautifully?

The class offers a lovely sampling of beginning ribbon techniques, and also gives you a wonderful finished project. The perfect opportunity to learn some new stitches!

The class is limited to eight students and is a Needlepoint.Com exclusive, so don’t wait to sign up! It’s half full already! The $125 price includes the canvas, threads and stitch guide. Call the shop at 919-828-5538 today.

If you can’t make it to visit us in Raleigh, NC, the kit is available for purchase through our online store here. 

Hope to see y’all then!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy Easter, everyone! In the spirit of the day, I’m sharing my ten favorite Easter needlepoint canvases with you all! Granted, it’s a little late to get them done for this year, but you can add them to your stash for the next time round!

1. Associated Talents Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter
These Associated Talents Easter bunnies are just precious. I love the silhouette look about them- they are so fun and colorful. Plus there are so many different stitches you can do on them. They come in several color-ways and patterns, too!

2. Kate Dickerson’s Herend Bunnies

Happy Easter

I adore Kate Dickerson’s Herend Bunnies. They come in two different positions- either standing or crouching. Have you all seen the one I’ve been working on? They finish into great pillows- and best of all, you could leave them out all year long with the right decor. (These would make a great baby gift too!)

3. Squiggee Needlepoint Peeps

Happy Easter
You know those candy bar canvases that have been so popular recently? Well Squiggee makes a needlepoint Peeps canvas. I think I may have to get one of these. My dad LOVES Peeps… seriously… my parents can hardly keep them in the house this time of year!

4. Elizabeth Bradley Daffodils

Happy Easter
Nothing says Easter like daffodils! Since they are early bloomers, you know spring is here when they start to grow! Why not try an Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint floral? They make such gorgeous pillows when they are done.

5. Barbara’s Needlepoint Easter Eggs

Happy Easter
Barbara’s Needlepoint in South Dakota has an artist who paints for their store. These adorable Easter eggs are available exclusively through them. They don’t have a website, but you can view their designs on Facebook here. They have tons of precious bunnies and lambs too!

6. Ewe and Eye Chocolate Easter Bunny

Happy Easter
Ewe and Eye has painted a great chocolate Easter Bunny! He comes in both white and milk chocolate… yum! He is available as a kit from

Happy Easter

7. Melissa Shirley’s SPRING banner

Happy Easter
Not specifically Easter, but this design would make such a cute bolster pillow that you could leave out all season long! The colors are so happy and bright.

8. Associated Talents Carrots

Happy Easter

These canvases may not look like much unstitched, but just look at how adorable they are with all their ribbons and trims. One day I would love to have an Easter basket on my dining room table full of carrots and eggs just like these.

9. Susan Roberts Easter Eggs

Happy Easter

These baby Susan Roberts are so quick to stitch – instant gratification!

10. Melissa Shirley’s new Easter Basket

Happy Easter
We all love these Melissa Shirley Baskets! And look! This spring she came out with a stunning Easter basket. If you’re looking for a challenge… this is the canvas for you! Have a great day… and Happy Easter, everyone!

Elizabeth Bradley Home

Friends! I have some exciting news to share with you all!

As you know, I spent this past Saturday hanging out with the ladies of Elizabeth Bradley Needlepoint at their US headquarters in Raleigh, NC.

Not sure if you all have heard yet, but Elizabeth Bradley Needlepoint has launched a line of luxury home goods!

Elizabeth Bradley Home
Yes! This means that many of the needlepoint designs that we all know and love, are now available as completed pillows!

I had a chance to see them in person this weekend, and let me tell you… they are simply stunning! They’ve been making quite the splash- and have been even been featured in the New York and L.A. Times!

Elizabeth Bradley Home- NY Times

The pillows are all stitched by hand in India using their very own wool- which is produced in the UK. The pillows are stitched using a Victorian Cross needlepoint stitch to ensure they will last forever!

If you’ve been wanting a pair of Elizabeth Bradley pillows, but are daunted by the undertaking, why not stitch one yourself from a kit, and buy the other from Elizabeth Bradley Home? (I think my favorite is the pansy pillow you see on the sofa above!)

The collection also includes a line of gorgeous Alpaca Throws. I can’t think of anything more lovely than to spend the morning stitching, with a cup of hot tea, curled up on the sofa under one of these blankets- especially with all this cold winter weather we’ve been having in the North East!

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of their upcoming spring collection this past weekend. Get excited everyone, because they’ve outdone themselves once again!
(Take a look in the photo below!)

Elizabeth Bradley Home- Sneak Peek

You can get more updates from Elizabeth Bradley Home by following them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Elizabeth Bradley Home and Me!

*All photographs courtesy of Elizabeth Bradley Home

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Colors of praise chinese paper lanterns

Good afternoon everyone!

You all should have known it wouldn’t be long until I started my next big piece… I’m very excited to say that I’ve decided to take on these Colors of Praise Chinese Paper Lanterns. I don’t have a particular affinity for Chinoiserie, but I think these lanterns are amazing! (And also pose lots of challenges… so I certainly won’t get bored.)

Colors of Praise

If you’ve never seen Marie’s designs you have to check out her website. All of her canvases are incredible. So bright and vibrant. Just my style!

She is also the woman who designs these beautiful table scenes with ginger jars and tea pots. My friend Mary Susan just finished these- and they were incredible!

Colors of Praise Ginger Jars

I’ll be sure to post pictures of my progress with you all as I go along. I can hardly wait to get going!

A family heirloom?

I had forgotten until recently, that many years ago my mom stitched my dad a cummerbund.

I remember being about 8 years old and waiting for my parents to get dressed up to go out for a black tie work function.

My dad came downstairs in his tuxedo, and his needlepoint cummerbund. I vaguely remember a lot of bright colors, flowers and the image of a woman.

It wasn’t until recently at work, when we were discussing old “ghosts of needlepoint past” that memories of it started resurfacing….

Uhhhhm… WHAT were my parents thinking?!

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.48.07 PM

Firstly, I can’t believe that my mom not only purchased this canvas, but also stitched it and had it finished…

Second of all, I can’t believe my father actually wore it… and to a black tie event at the office, no less?

Apparently, this lovely needlepoint treasure is based on a very famous Rousseau painting called “The Dream”, which can now be found at the MOMA in New York City.

(Yes, I found this information out as my mother tried to justify her decision to me…)

A family heirloom

Really though…? Who thought it was a great idea to put a naked lady on a cummerbund?

How about the peeping animals spying on her from the bushes? And I’m really not quite sure what’s going on with the man over there on the right hand side…

family heirloom naked lady

family heirloom man in corner

Guys, I wish I had a better explanation for this one, but I’m really at a loss.

Who knows?

Maybe one day my children will look at my projects and say the same thing!

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

One thing’s for sure though… I don’t think I’ll ever let my parents live this one down!