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Charlie’s Needlepoint Dog Collar

It’s so crazy to think that Charlie has been with us for over a year now. It seems like just yesterday that we were driving from Fort Bragg to the horse farm in Southern Pines where he was being fostered by Peak Lab Rescue to pick him up! Goodness knows both James and I have absolutely fallen in love with him this past year. He’s just the best companion. I can hardly imagine our life here without this sweet little boy.

Dog Collar

A month or two back, Charlie’s needlepoint dog collar came back from the finisher. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write about it! I started working on this piece at January Market, because I really needed a basketweave project while we were traveling, and working in the Kirk & Bradley booth.

Dog Collar
The canvas for Charlie’s dog collar was designed by a company called Voila! Needlepoint. They are known for their belt and flip flop canvases, but also have tons of other fun designs including dog collars! I also really like the red collar below with the black paw prints and bones too- I might have stitched that one for him instead if we had had it in stock when I started my project.

Dog Collar

You can see more of their designs here on the Needlepoint.Com website. I think it ended up turning out really well- plus  Needlepoint.Com did such a wonderful job with the leather finishing (as they always do)!

He does wear it pretty much all the time- the only exception being when we go on hikes. Like many labs has a bad habit of finding any water in sight…. and before we know it, (or can do anything to stop it!) he’s belly deep in mud!
Hopefully, it will last us for many years to come!

Finishing Update: Charlie’s Christmas Ornament

A finishing update on Charlie’s Christmas Ornament… It finally came back from the finisher this week and it couldn’t be any more perfect!

Finishing Update

In case you all couldn’t tell from the picture above… Charlie was just as excited as I was when his needlepoint round came back!

I just knew that this ornament would be the perfect way to commemorate Charlie entering our lives. We were able to have the finisher put his name and the year we got him on the back of the ornament.

Finishing Update

If this is the first time you are reading about this particular piece, I actually wrote much more about it in a previous blog post which you can find here (including the stitches and threads that I used on this canvas).

Finishing Update

I know I’ve said it before, (and I’m sure I’ll say it again!) but I just can’t imagine my life without this sweet little guy!

If you would like to purchase this ornament (or others like it) they can be found online here. Simply select “kit in our favorites” to have fun threads like the ones used above selected to stitch with!