Skip Tent Stitch- What’s the Stitch Video Series

Hey everyone. I have been very busy over at Needlepoint.Com working on a new video series we are calling “What’s the Stitch?” These are new videos we have been putting together all about our favorite decorative stitches. I just wanted to do a quick post today to share them with you all! Our second video in the series is now up, and it is all about Skip Tent Stitch. If you’re curious what Skip Tent Stitch looks like on a finished piece, you can see a stitched example of it on the background of the Manor House canvas I just completed.

You can watch this month’s video on Skip Tent Stitch here!

Skip Tent
Last month we talked about one of my personal favorites- Criss Cross Hungarian Stitch. What other stitches would you like to see us feature? Leave a comment below!