Monthly Archives: August 2017

First Christmas as a Pair Ornament

I’ve been stitching away in the hopes of finishing this little piece up before the Christmas deadline this year. I can hardly believe how fast it is approaching. This summer has absolutely flown by!

Last January at market, Pepperberry Designs released this adorable pair of mittens. They read “Our First Christmas as a pair.” I knew I definitely wanted to stitch them as soon as I saw them, so I ordered a pair for myself on the spot. Perfect for any newlyweds!


I’ve written up the stitches I’ve used, and it is available as a project planner with your purchase from Needlepoint.Com. I’ve done the pine leaves in Cast-on-Bullion Knots which you can learn all about in our Lots of Knots Class.¬†


I’m planning on finishing them so they are puffy, and the two mittens attach together with a string- just like the reindeer slippers I stitched a few years ago.

We currently have a Pepperberry Trunk Show in the shop at Needlepoint.Com. If you’re looking for this canvas, or any of their other designs, you can shop online here! Peeking Reindeer, Ho^3, bunny butt and black lab santa are among our staff favorites!