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Travel the world with Burnett & Bradley

With summer just around the corner, I’ve been thinking about travel a lot these days! While James and I are saving for our honeymoon, I’m not sure we’re going to get away anywhere very far away this year- but we have been talking about spending a long weekend in Charleston or Asheville while we’re only living a few hours away!

I love using needlepoint as a way to commemorate special events- especially trips. I know I’ve shared Kirk & Bradley’s travel rounds with you all, but how about this sweet airplane by Burnett & Bradley? It’s a great alternative for when there isn’t a destination specific needlepoint canvas out there. If you wanted to make it more specific, you could definitely have a year or city name embroidered on the back of your ornament by your finisher.


I can’t take credit for stitching this one- it was done by my coworker Vicki for her little boy (who is a new addition to their family!) They love to travel, so this canvas by Burnett & Bradley is just perfect for them. I really love the way she beaded the star on the tail of the airplane-  it adds a a very fun effect!

I just finished writing up the stitch guide for this one- so it is available with your purchase from Needlepoint.Com. The canvas can be found online here!

Have a wonderful week! Happy Stitching!

Sweetie Tweeties by Burnett & Bradley

We always have a ton of fun when we stitch as a group in the back office. Kristie, Katy, Vicki and I each took one of these Sweetie Tweeties by Burnett & Bradley to work on earlier this year. One of the best things about working at is being surrounded by so many young women who are equally enthusiastic about stitching- it’s such a nice activity to be able to share with each other. And it’s fun to have an excuse to take a short break from office work to be able to stitch together for a few minutes!

Sweetie Tweeties

Originally these four birds were just going to be models to go to the trade shows but they ended up being so sweet that we decided to share them with you all as our newest kit. We couldn’t resist!
Sweetie Tweeties

I think it’s pretty impossible to have enough needlepoint ornaments- but I love that we could come up with a different way to display them on the tree. These clips on the bottoms make them look like they’re perched on a branch- helping to decorate your tree! Each of the four has a different Christmas ornament in their beaks- so sweet. They make such a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection- I think they would also look amazing displayed on a wreath. Or would be a great gift to stitch one for each of your children!

Sweetie Tweeties Sweetie Tweeties
Sweetie Tweeties
The kit is available through Needlepoint.Com and includes access to an online class. As always, there are also four printed stitch guides to help you all out too! The four Sweetie Tweeties come packaged up in a logo bag with all the threads and canvases you will need to stitch them.

They can be found on our website here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and as always… Happy Stitching!

The Staffordshire Dog Ornaments are here!

I have such an exciting announcement to share with you all today! The Staffordshire Dog Ornaments are here!

Dog Ornaments

We received such an overwhelming response when my Staffordshire Dog Ornament came back from the finisher that, I got to work collaborating with Jessica of Lycette Designs to bring them to you as an online class kit. Needlepoint.Com now has a very limited stock of mini Staffordshire Dogs in stock in four different color ways: Blue and White, Pink and Green, Red and Green and Blue and Tan. I know you all are going to love them!

Dog Ornaments

The kits are available for $95, which includes online class login, printed stitch guide, threads, bell and beads (such a fun detail!) If you don’t want to do the decorative stitches, all of the threads in the kit can be used to basketweave your project.

Dog Ornaments

They can be found online for purchase here.
We have a very limited number in stock, so don’t wait to place your order. I just sold two in the shop… They’re flying out of here!

Charlie’s Needlepoint Dog Collar

It’s so crazy to think that Charlie has been with us for over a year now. It seems like just yesterday that we were driving from Fort Bragg to the horse farm in Southern Pines where he was being fostered by Peak Lab Rescue to pick him up! Goodness knows both James and I have absolutely fallen in love with him this past year. He’s just the best companion. I can hardly imagine our life here without this sweet little boy.

Dog Collar

A month or two back, Charlie’s needlepoint dog collar came back from the finisher. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write about it! I started working on this piece at January Market, because I really needed a basketweave project while we were traveling, and working in the Kirk & Bradley booth.

Dog Collar
The canvas for Charlie’s dog collar was designed by a company called Voila! Needlepoint. They are known for their belt and flip flop canvases, but also have tons of other fun designs including dog collars! I also really like the red collar below with the black paw prints and bones too- I might have stitched that one for him instead if we had had it in stock when I started my project.

Dog Collar

You can see more of their designs here on the Needlepoint.Com website. I think it ended up turning out really well- plus  Needlepoint.Com did such a wonderful job with the leather finishing (as they always do)!

He does wear it pretty much all the time- the only exception being when we go on hikes. Like many labs has a bad habit of finding any water in sight…. and before we know it, (or can do anything to stop it!) he’s belly deep in mud!
Hopefully, it will last us for many years to come!