New Staffordshire Dog Ornament

It was such a sweet surprise to come home from Christmas break to find a holiday package in our mailbox from Jessica of Lycette Designs! She had sent a new ornament size version of her ever popular Staffordshire Dog canvas, which will debut at TNNA later this January.

Staffordshire Dog
I could hardly wait to start stitching this Staffordshire Dog… and once I did could hardly put this canvas down!

For those of you interested, here is what I did:

Thread List:
Anchor Floss #1, 55, 57
Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP41, 57
Sundance Size #14 Beads #471
Sundance White Beading Thread
The Collection 9mm Bell

I chose an open background stitch that somewhat resembled wallpaper called “Modified Trellis Stitch” and stitched that using 1 strand Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP57.

Staffordshire Dog

The dog’s body was stitched in a horizontal Slanted Gobelin 2 over 1 using 4 ply Anchor Floss #1, 55 and 57 to reflect the colors painted on the canvas. Stitch over the top of the dog’s tag in Anchor Floss #1.

Staffordshire Dog
The dog’s face was stitched in Tent Stitch using 4 ply Anchor Floss #1, 55 and 57 and 1 strand Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP57 to reflect the colors painted on the canvas.

Staffordshire Dog
The dog’s ears and the fur on the top of his head were stitched in Alternating French Knots and Basketweave using 4 ply Anchor Floss #55 and 57.

Staffordshire Dog

The chain around his neck is done in Horizontal Cross Stitch Beading, using 1 strand Sundance White Beading Thread and Sundance Size #14 Beads #471. To make the bottom row of beads lay perfectly straight, I ran my beading thread back through the row of them once they were all attached and strung them together.

Staffordshire Dog

In place of beading or stitching the tag on the dog’s collar, I attached a 9mm bell from The Collection. A fun little embellishment to add some extra character!

Staffordshire Dog

Such a simple project, but definitely a fun one! I can hardly wait to see it back from the finisher!

If you would like to order this canvas for yourself, you can place a preorder with Needlepoint.Com by calling 919-828-5538. We will have canvases in stock after market!