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Travel and sporting rounds: New from K&B!

Hey everyone! I’m seeing so many fun new arrivals around the show- it’s hard to pick a favorite. This morning I wanted to share some new travel and sporting rounds from Kirk & Bradley. Vernon has really outdone himself this time!


First… I know you’re all wondering what new destinations have been added to the series of travel rounds. Canada, Hawaii, Wales, Barcelona, Spain and Venice are all here!

Travel Travel


Kentucky Derby and Augusta were also added to the line of sporting rounds.


What do you all think? I think Hawaii is my favorite… but it’s so hard to decide!

Teaching at TNNA San Jose

Hey everyone! Hello from San Jose! I’m here with the “Bradley Bunch” for the winter needlepoint trade show!

I had the best time this morning teaching for at Kirk & Bradley. It was my first time teaching at a big national show, and I can honestly say that I had the best experience! I could not have asked for nicer attendees in my class! It was so fun to have an opportunity to connect with shop owners from all over the country and share tricks of the trade!

San Jose
San Jose
San Jose
A big thank you to all the thread vendors who made this class possible!
Planet Earth Fiber
Rainbow Gallery
River Silks
Silk Road Fibers
Sundance Designs

I will also be teaching this class at Needlepoint.Com on Saturday March 18th, 2018 from 9:30-3:30. I would love to have you join me! You can find more information on the class here- or call the shop at 919-828-5538 to sign up!

Be sure to check in over the course of the weekend for more market fun! I’ll definitely be sharing my favorites with you all!

Chelsea Poppy by Elizabeth Bradley

There’s lots exciting going on here at Needlepoint.Com! Our sister company Elizabeth Bradley has just released a brand new Chelsea Poppy Mini Kit!

Chelsea Poppy

The Poppy design was inspired by last year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Did you all see the amazing carpet of crocheted poppies that was displayed there? It truly was incredible looking! Fiber artists from all over the world submitted over 5,000 poppies to be part of the exhibit. The poppy carries special significance as a tribute of respect and remembrance to members of the armed forces. You can read more about the exhibit here!

Chelsea Poppy

The new mini kit is a 6 x 6 square design. Kit includes canvas, thread, a chart card and needles. Basically everything that you would need to complete your project. I just love how the finished product came together with beautiful red fabric and that fun pom pom trim. So unique.

Chelsea Poppy

The new poppy design is available now for preorder through both Elizabeth Bradley and Needlepoint.Com. It will also be available at the Chelsea Flower Show this coming May!

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Let it Snow Class at Needlepoint.Com

Hey everyone! I’m hoping you all have recovered from the wintery weather we had this past weekend! It’s still freezing in North Carolina, and several schools are still closed! The weather report says we’re supposed to be back up to a high of 70 by Friday- hard to believe given all the ice and snow we’ve had!

I know this is last minute, but I will be teaching this sweet Kirk & Bradley “Let It Snow” heart kit at Needlepoint.Com tomorrow from 10-11:30. If you are local and have some free time in your schedule, I’d love to have you join us! It really is the perfect piece to stitch this time of year! Class is geared towards an advanced beginner. We will also be talking a lot about beading- so it’s a great time to brush up on your skills or learn how for the first time. If you are interested in the class give us a call at 919-828-5538.


Alternatively, if you aren’t local, or can’t make it tomorrow, consider taking our online class version! Class includes all threads, canvas, beads, beading thread, a Needlepoint.Com logo bag and a printed copy of the stitch guide and one year access to our online videos! It’s a really nice and easy way to brush up on your skills at your own convenience.
You can order your own kit online here.



Stay safe and stay warm everyone!

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Needlepoint Christmas Gifts 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! Now that the holidays have finally passed, I can finally share the needlepoint Christmas gifts I gave in 2016! I realize it’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my personal stitching, but I really wanted to keep these a surprise, so I really couldn’t post about them until now!

Growing up we always had matching Christmas stockings that my grandmother had knit us. They were simple with a Santa Claus on the front and were personalized with each of our names on them. We moved around a fair bit as kids, and unfortunately, during one of our moves, a little mouse got into the plastic tupperware they were kept in when they weren’t on display during the holidays. He ate holes through all of santa’s beards and they were ruined beyond repair.

It has always been on my Needlepoint “bucket list” ever since to replace them for the members of my family!

Needlepoint Christmas Gifts 2016

With all the stitching I do for work, I settled on these Stocking Cuffs by Associated Talents. While I would have loved to stitch full stockings, the idea of trying to manage that for six people is way too overwhelming for me right now! The best part of all is that their stocking cuffs are all painted on 13 mesh canvas. I also I really loved that I had a lot of different options in terms of designs to chose from- this way they all coordinate, but aren’t exactly identical.

Needlepoint Christmas Gift

I stitched James’ stocking first, followed by my two siblings- Tim and Bella. I’ve gotten quite a bit done on my own too. In 2017 I have to pick out which ones I want to stitch for my parents!

Needlepoint Christmas Gifts

I can hardly wait to see all six of them hanging from the fireplace… when they’re all finished… one of these days!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these stocking cuffs, or other similar to them, they can be found online here:
Santa with Gifts
Santa with Gingerbread
Snowlady with pink hat
Snowman with top hat
Snowman with cardinal

New Staffordshire Dog Ornament

It was such a sweet surprise to come home from Christmas break to find a holiday package in our mailbox from Jessica of Lycette Designs! She had sent a new ornament size version of her ever popular Staffordshire Dog canvas, which will debut at TNNA later this January.

Staffordshire Dog
I could hardly wait to start stitching this Staffordshire Dog… and once I did could hardly put this canvas down!

For those of you interested, here is what I did:

Thread List:
Anchor Floss #1, 55, 57
Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP41, 57
Sundance Size #14 Beads #471
Sundance White Beading Thread
The Collection 9mm Bell

I chose an open background stitch that somewhat resembled wallpaper called “Modified Trellis Stitch” and stitched that using 1 strand Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP57.

Staffordshire Dog

The dog’s body was stitched in a horizontal Slanted Gobelin 2 over 1 using 4 ply Anchor Floss #1, 55 and 57 to reflect the colors painted on the canvas. Stitch over the top of the dog’s tag in Anchor Floss #1.

Staffordshire Dog
The dog’s face was stitched in Tent Stitch using 4 ply Anchor Floss #1, 55 and 57 and 1 strand Petite Silk Lamé Braid #SP57 to reflect the colors painted on the canvas.

Staffordshire Dog
The dog’s ears and the fur on the top of his head were stitched in Alternating French Knots and Basketweave using 4 ply Anchor Floss #55 and 57.

Staffordshire Dog

The chain around his neck is done in Horizontal Cross Stitch Beading, using 1 strand Sundance White Beading Thread and Sundance Size #14 Beads #471. To make the bottom row of beads lay perfectly straight, I ran my beading thread back through the row of them once they were all attached and strung them together.

Staffordshire Dog

In place of beading or stitching the tag on the dog’s collar, I attached a 9mm bell from The Collection. A fun little embellishment to add some extra character!

Staffordshire Dog

Such a simple project, but definitely a fun one! I can hardly wait to see it back from the finisher!

If you would like to order this canvas for yourself, you can place a preorder with Needlepoint.Com by calling 919-828-5538. We will have canvases in stock after market!