Blast from the past

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend. I’ve got a funny little blast from the past for you all today!

My parents are currently moving out of our childhood home. My parents bought this house together the year I started Kindergarten. Of course, it is full of memories…

As my parents sort through their basement and attic, every once in a while my mom sends a box of things she thinks I might like to hang on to for the future down to North Carolina. Well, turns out she stumbled upon my first needlepoint canvas ever!


Needless to say… perhaps not my best piece of work ever haha. Funny thing is that I’m sure my mom and grandmother bought it for me at As you can tell the canvas is not in the best shape… Edges are unraveled… It’s stitched in DMC 3 and Paternayan Wool… I vaguely remember spilling a glass of iced tea or something on it at one point (Yikes!)

In my defense, I was also probably only about 9 or 10 years old when I started it. Who would have thought that more than a decade later I would be working for the same company that started my passion for needlepoint?

I had a pretty good laugh when I opened up the box to find this but I wanted to show you all this canvas today to bring it all back to the beginning. I’m sure you all can recall the piece of needlepoint that got you started. Maybe your mom taught you to stitch, or maybe it was a grandparent or a dear friend. Even though some people may look at this canvas and think that it belongs in the garbage, I just can’t quite bring myself to toss it out!