Let your stitching bloom with online classes!

I’ve been working with Needlepoint.Com to bring you all a beginner and an advanced English Garden Round Ribbonwork Kit! These two pieces compliment the original one I taught last year at the Needlepoint.Com Raleigh Retreat. Aren’t the three of them just gorgeous together!? They’re without a doubt one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on to date!

Let your stitching bloom

Ribbons are one of the best fibers to work with on needlepoint canvas, but I’ve found in my teaching that people are easily intimidated when they see them! They can be a little fussy to use at first, but once you know how, you get a lot of effect without much work!

All three kits now come with login access to an online class with instructional videos on how to do each of the stitches, as well as a printed stitch guide- so there is no need to be intimidated about working with them at all!

It’s been such an amazing experience to collaborate with Katie (one of the artists for Kirk and Bradley) on these. Since she knows exactly what ribbon technique I’m going to use before she ever paints- she has made sure that she paints in a way that makes it as easy as possible for you all to stitch! Basically a needlepointer’s dream!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to use ribbons, now’s the time to do it! These kits are exclusive to Needlepoint.Com and cannot be found anywhere else. Order yours today here:

Let your stitching bloom

Beginner Kit

Let your stitching blossom

Intermediate Kit

Let your stitching blossom

Advanced Kit

Let your stitching bloom this summer with our new kits and online classes!