Sights and Scenes of London in Needlepoint Now

Happy Saturday, everyone!

This is such an exciting blog post to be writing. Over the summer, some of you may have seen on Instagram a few snaps of a Kirk and Bradley piece I had been working on called Sights and Scenes of London. Well, it’s featured this month with a copy of my stitch guide in Needlepoint Now!

Sights and Scenes of London

I loved this piece from the moment I saw it- it was one of my first projects I took on when I started working for the Elizabeth Bradley Family and Needlepoint.Com. It reminds me of the happy time my family spent overseas in the UK when my dad was transfered there for work. It’s got images of the Queen’s Guards marching in formation, Big Ben, double decker busses- just like the ones I rode to and from school every day- all of London’s major landmarks that remind me of my home away from home.

Sights and Scenes of London
This canvas provided lots of areas to use fun threads with different textures, and lots of different stitches. The Queen’s Guard’s hats were stitched in black Fuzzy Stuff which gave them the perfect appearance. The Union Jack is stitched in Neon Rays which gave it a lovely silky image. The clock face on Big Ben ended up being one of my favorite parts of the piece- it’s entirely beaded- which makes it really pop out! The roof of the clock tower is done in Criss Cross Hungarian, to look like shingles.

Sights and Scenes of London

The stitch guide is available in the March/April issue of Needlepoint Now. We have canvases, thread packs and full kits available at– all of which will also include a printed copy of the same stitch guide. They are available for purchase online– or you can call the store at 919-828-5538 for more information!

I know you all will love stitching this one as much as I did, too!

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