Bah Humbug!

buy discounted Proscalpin online Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share my latest ornament finish with you all. This “Bah Humbug” canvas is from Associated Talents. I picked it up at Market this past January!

source site Bah Humbug The Christmas tree was stitched in a woven stitch using Anchor Floss, and the red ornaments on it were beaded using Sundance Size 14 beads #11, as are the berries on the holly leaves. The “H” is Satin Stitched using blue entice. The package is Satin Stitched using purple Flair. The star at the top of the tree is a brad that I added at the end.

The peppermints were a lot of fun to work on! They are done in Brick Stitch Beading using Sundance Beads. If you’ve never tried Brick Beading before, here is a diagram! It’s really a fairly simple stitch: every time you come up in a canvas hole, lay the bead down vertically, so it lies between two canvas threads. Stagger the pattern just like you would do a brick stitch. It’s so quick to do, and gives such a wonderful effect for little work!

buy propecia canada Bah Humbug
Associated Talents has many other holiday sayings and words in this series. I really love these two designs, too!

Bah Humbug

Bah humbug

If you’d like to purchase this ornament, it can be found online here.

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