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Framed Party in the Coop

Gosh! The past few weeks have really been a whirlwind. I’m so excited to say that I’m now living down in North Carolina! I know I’ve really been off my blogging “game” since I’ve been down here, but I’m getting back in the groove of things and I promise I’m still stitching lots!

In all the craziness of moving, I just realized today that I’ve never actually shared my framed Party in the Coop (Vicki Sawyer and Melissa Shirley Designs) with you all. Here it is- the perfect artwork to live in my new kitchen in NC!

Framed Party in the Coop
As much fun as I had stitching this one, I had a great time picking and choosing frames for this one before I moved. As with all of my needlepoint, I always like to have a bit of space between the needlework and the glass, so I ended up choosing quite a deep frame for this one (which is also a necessity with all the different threads used for the hats!) The framer used two mats, and split them apart with spacers. I wanted to go with something rustic and country looking, but I also always like something simple, so it doesn’t detract from the stitching itself. I ended up settling on this rough wood one. It ended up giving me the exact look I was hoping to capture!

Framed Party in the Coop

If you all are still looking to stitch Party in the Coop, the stitch guide is always available through me. Just send me an email at I’m sure you’ll have as much fun as I did!

Finished Party in the Coop

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Kathy Schenkel Reindeer Slippers

I knew when I decided to stitch these Kathy Schenkel Reindeer Slippers that they would be cute when they were finished, but I had no idea that they would be this darling! They came back from the finisher a few weeks back, and I’m so pleased with how they turned out!

Kathy Schenkel Reindeer Slippers

I used Fuzzy Stuff for both the reindeer and the fuzzy insides of the slippers. Then did Rhodes Stitches for the hearts and for Rudolph’s shiny nose. The antlers are Satin Stitched in Flair- which is so easy to do! I think the red and white trim that the finisher used really pulled the whole design together.

It can be a little tricky to visualize exactly how 3-D designs will look when they are stitched, when you only have the flat canvas to reference, so I hope you all find this post helpful. Kathy Schenkel has a ton of other slipper designs- including an adorable pair with Santa on them, too!

Kathy Schenkel Slippers
I’m so excited that these will be a new addition to my Christmas tree this year!