Kate Dickerson Herend Needlepoint Bunny

If there is such thing as a needlepoint sickness… I’ve certainly got it! How is it possible that this little guy has been nearly finished since I last posted about him in January? Who knew that it could take over three months to tie a bow around his neck…

Kate Dickerson Herend Needlepoint Bunny

Anyhow! The important thing is that I’ve finally finished this darling little Kate Dickerson Herend Bunny! He was such a great canvas to work on… I think he might (definitely!) need a friend?!

Kate Herend Herend Needlepoint Bunny

These rabbits are available in a lot of different color ways, but I liked that this green and red one came in a slightly smaller size than the others. On Kate’s website, she has them listed under Christmas designs… but I don’t see why you couldn’t put them out for Easter too? Red and green for Christmas and bunnies for spring- making this a SUPER practical needlepoint project (if there is such a thing?)

Since quite a few people have asked, I have written a stitch guide for him. The guide is $15 and for a limited time only, comes with the ribbon you will need for the bow on his neck! Just send me an email at stitchstyleblog@gmail.com if you would like a copy. I hope you all will love stitching him as much as I did… This was definitely a favorite project of mine to date!

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