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Ft. Bragg, North Carolina

buy prednisone online for dogs Good morning everyone! Hello from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina!

source James and I arrived in NC Sunday evening, and have been busy ever since. Its times like this that I’m grateful for the kindness of strangers and the support of dear friends! The base is big and confusing… James and I keep finding ourselves driving round and round in circles because everything looks exactly the same…

watch That being said we’re having a lot of fun catching up with friends we haven’t seen since James was at West Point.

Ft. Bragg, North Carolina- Envelope

meclizine where to buy While we were driving around yesterday, I did finish up this cute little Kirk and Bradley Scissor Fob. It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture, because it (obviously) hasn’t gone to the finisher yet, but the canvas folds in half into a letter! I’ve loved the other two that I stitched- they make great little presents! (I gave this cupcake one to my mom for Christmas, along with a pair of scissors!)

Ft. Bragg, North Carolina- Cupcake Scissor Fob

We’re off to run more errands now, but I promise to write more soon!

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Hello from Kentucky!

Good morning everyone! Hello from Kentucky!

I’m sorry I’ve been so remiss from blogging this past week, but with Tony’s class last weekend and James’ graduation from Engineer Basic Officer Leadership Course this past Friday, I feel like I’ve barely stitched at all!

Hello from Kentucky Jinny and James

I’m writing to you all from somewhere in Kentucky. James and I left Missouri (misery… As I like to call it!) yesterday afternoon, and we should be in Ft. Bragg some time this evening! I’m excited to go apartment hunting and to get him all settled in his new place, before he goes to Airborne school and I have to head back to Connecticut.

I know I said I hadn’t gotten much stitching done, but I did finish this cute little candy bar from The Point of it All up. Can’t do anything that requires too much thought on the road!


Talk to you all again once we reach North Carolina!


Tony Minieri Embellishment Class Wrap-up!

As some of you all may know, I spent this past weekend at Gazebo Plus in New Hope, PA for a Tony Minieri embellishment class!

Tony Minieri embellishment class I worked on this Colors of Praise Oriental Vases piece. Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve always loved Marie’s designs, and this was the perfect opportunity to bring one to life!

Tony taught me some new ribbon work techniques:

Tony Minieri embellishment class close up

And I can finally say I’ve really got the hang of Or Nué!

I know I’ve said it before, but I think it is so important to take every opportunity you can to learn! No matter how great of a stitcher you become, you can always, ALWAYS gain something from someone else’s method and style. Sometimes a new perspective can really shake things up!

If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Tony Minieri… take it! If you have an open mind and are willing to learn, he is more than willing to teach!

Melissa Shirley Winter White Angel Progress

Good morning everyone!

Before I head off to class with Tony again, I thought I would share my Melissa Shirley Winter White Angel progress. I’m getting really close to finishing up the front side of her. I just have to decide what kind of hair I think she should have!

Melissa Shirley Winter White Angel Progress
I’ve begun beading her halo, and am about half way done with the fur trim on her dress. This was a challenge! I didn’t want it to overpower the delicacy of the rest of the piece.

Melissa Shirley Winter White Angel Progress close up
At Melissa’s suggestion, I am planning on telling the finisher to leave her feet off.

Since I have had a few requests, yes, I am planning on writing a guide for her when she is done.

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Class essentials and favorite tools

Good evening everyone!

Earlier this year I decided to sign up to take a class with Tony Minieri! (If you haven’t heard of him… check out his website here). He’s supposed to be one of the needlepoint greats! I’ll be on my way to Gazebo Plus in New Hope, PA bright and early tomorrow morning. I’ve never had the opportunity to work with him before, so I can hardly wait to see what he has in store for class!

Naturally, I left packing to the last minute… but I thought I would share the essentials I’ve brought along for class!

Class essentials and tools
1. Tacks and Stretcher Bars

Absolutely a must! It doesn’t matter whether you mount your canvas on top of the bars or in the well (although some teachers prefer one to the other!) But working on bars keeps your canvas in the best condition possible as you stitch!

2. A laying tool

Sigh… I’m gonna be honest guys. A lot of the time I don’t use a laying tool. I find it to be super useful for ribbon work, but most of the time, I just make sure I have really clean hands when I stitch! Rumor has it though, that Tony is a big stickler for using a laying tool, so of course I packed one! Last thing I want is to end up the black sheep of the class… 😉

3. A Bead Buddy Tray

I have no idea whether or not I will end up beading tomorrow… but I love these trays! They’re built just like little CD cases. The inside covers are super sticky and are great for holding many colors of beads, without mixing them together while you work. They come with lots of different designs on them… love these little blue daisies!

4. Scissors

Alright guys. I admit it. I have a scissor addiction. You have no idea how many pairs of scissors I own. But different kinds have so many different uses! (Or at least that’s how I’m justifying it to myself…)

I particularly like these new neon green Super Snips from Julia Snyder’s company. They come in hot pink and bright yellow too, and super inexpensive. (Plus they’re small enough to bring on an airplane, if you’re travelling too!)

5. Beeswax

Beeswax is a thread strengthener. I like to run my beading thread through it before I start to work!

6. Crystal beading thread

I know not everyone likes this stuff, but I think it’s the best! I’ve never had it break on me. It’s distributed by The Collection.

7. A Stiletto

A great tool for ripping out! They’re pointier than a laying tool, but you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting your canvas like you do with scissors

8. Floss-A-Way Bags

Floss-A-Way Bags are the best for thread organization! They are also one of the most effective ways of making sure you don’t lose your thread labels. (Keep your labels- it’s the only way to make sure you can match dye lots should you run out of thread!) Plus these bags are hole punched in one corner, so you can keep all your threads for a particular project on a ring.

9. Magnets

I love magnets! I often have multiple on a piece to hold my needles. They are especially useful when you’re working with more than one color of thread at a time.

10. A book light

The more light the better! Obviously, natural light it preferable, but should you need more these Mighty Bright Hammerhead Lamps are great! They should clip right to your stretcher bars. No need to strain your eyes while you stitch!

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On my mind lately…

Good afternoon everyone! Snow, snow, snow here in Connecticut… again! So I have the day off of work.

I’m supposed to be driving to Pennsylvania tomorrow to take a class with Tony Minieri... cross your fingers this weather stops and we’re able to get out of here! (I have plans to work on these Colors of Praise oriental vases! Check back for a blog post on that coming soon!)

On my mind lately- Tony Minieri Class
In the mean time I’m just sharing a little project that I finished up this afternoon. Yes… I’ve jumped on the candy bandwagon with everyone else. But I think these canvases are so cute once they’re made up. I think I’ll finish this one as a Christmas ornament… although a friend of mine is finishing them without hangers and leaving them out in a bowl year round. I thought that was such a clever idea!

On my mind lately- M&Ms
I found this canvas at Adornment Needlepoint when I was driving down south with my mom. It’s a Squiggee design, from a trunk show they were having at the time. Sometimes small projects are nice- less overwhelming than the big ones, and easy to carry around in your purse! What do you all think? What little projects are you all stitching on this snowy day?