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Ring Master Progress

follow link Good morning everyone! It’s snowing once again in Connecticut… Yuck!

follow link Before I head out for work this morning, I wanted to quickly share how close I’ve gotten to finishing my Kirk and Bradley Ring Master.
(If you’re a first time reader… check out my other circus animals here!)

enter site Ring Master

I’ve made so much progress, and was happily stitching away last evening, until I couldn’t put my hands on the pinks I had bought for the platform he is standing on! I hate it when that happens… he’s almost complete! So close, and yet so far! Ugh!

exelon corp buy or sell I hope everyone’s long weekends were full of stitching, and that your weeks are off to a wonderful start! I should have this little guy done in no time, and I’ll be sure to share when he’s finally finished!

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Valentine’s Day: Top Ten Canvases

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Today on Stitch Style I’m sharing my top 10 Valentine’s Day Canvases! Here you all go:

1. This cute sign that says “Be Mine” by Associated Talents

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases

2. These cute Valentine’s hearts by Melissa Shirley:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- melissa Shirley

3. This cute Candy House by Susan Roberts:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Susan Roberts

4. Kate Dickerson’s Love Heart:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Kate Dicerson Heart Love

5. Raymond Crawford’s Multicolored Love Canvas:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Raymond Crawford

6. Sandra Gilmore’s Strawberry Hearts from Fleur de Paris:

Top Ten Valentine's Day Canvases- Fleur de Paris

7. Kate Dickerson’s Ikat Heart Pillow:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Ikat

8. This sweet Kirk and Bradley cupcake heart:

Top 10 Valentine's day canvases- Kirk and Bradley

9. Purple Palm’s Heart Series:

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Purple Palm

10. Melissa Shirley’s adorable Pink Bird House

Top 10 Valentine's Day Canvases- Birdhouse

I hope you all were able to spend your day surrounded by your loved ones.

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Sending love to you all, wherever you may be!
xo Virginia

Party in the Coop Progress

Good morning friends! Today on Stitch Style I’ve got a short post for you all, sharing my Party in the Coop progress!

Party in the coop progress whole shot

I have to say I’m shocked by how quickly this piece has gone. It’s been such fun though. It’s not a big stitch at all… especially when you break the canvas down into smaller sections. You only really have to stitch seven birds… and the background stitch is minimal!

Party in the coop Progress close up

I focused more on the golden and red chickens this week… Now I just have to figure out how on earth I’m going to stitch an asparagus and a spring onion!

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Elizabeth Bradley Home

Friends! I have some exciting news to share with you all!

As you know, I spent this past Saturday hanging out with the ladies of Elizabeth Bradley Needlepoint at their US headquarters in Raleigh, NC.

Not sure if you all have heard yet, but Elizabeth Bradley Needlepoint has launched a line of luxury home goods!

Elizabeth Bradley Home
Yes! This means that many of the needlepoint designs that we all know and love, are now available as completed pillows!

I had a chance to see them in person this weekend, and let me tell you… they are simply stunning! They’ve been making quite the splash- and have been even been featured in the New York and L.A. Times!

Elizabeth Bradley Home- NY Times

The pillows are all stitched by hand in India using their very own wool- which is produced in the UK. The pillows are stitched using a Victorian Cross needlepoint stitch to ensure they will last forever!

If you’ve been wanting a pair of Elizabeth Bradley pillows, but are daunted by the undertaking, why not stitch one yourself from a kit, and buy the other from Elizabeth Bradley Home? (I think my favorite is the pansy pillow you see on the sofa above!)

The collection also includes a line of gorgeous Alpaca Throws. I can’t think of anything more lovely than to spend the morning stitching, with a cup of hot tea, curled up on the sofa under one of these blankets- especially with all this cold winter weather we’ve been having in the North East!

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of their upcoming spring collection this past weekend. Get excited everyone, because they’ve outdone themselves once again!
(Take a look in the photo below!)

Elizabeth Bradley Home- Sneak Peek

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Elizabeth Bradley Home and Me!

*All photographs courtesy of Elizabeth Bradley Home

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Road Trip Round Up- Day Two

Hi friends! This morning on the blog I’m sharing all about day two of my road trip!
(You can read about the first part here!)

After spending Friday afternoon at the US offices of Kirk and Bradley and, I drove down to Winston-Salem, NC, where my mom and I spent the night before my audition the next day.

Thank you to those of you who sent me well wishes! I’m pleased to say that the audition went well! I got a callback, and I’m excited to see if anything comes of the experience.

More importantly! After the audition I had a chance to make a stop at Adornment Needlepoint– a darling little store in Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem. Although the store is smaller in size than some, it more than made up for it in character and charm. The owner Ansley was so kind and welcoming, as was her adorable companion Baxter the Corgi!

Day two
After picking up some goodies, we hopped back in the car and drove up to Fredericksburg, VA, before making the rest of the drive Saturday morning.

Although I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home, the trip was a ton of fun!
(I owe my mom a huge thank you for splitting the driving with me, because I absolutely couldn’t have done it without her!)

Road trip round up- Behind the scenes at Kirk and Bradley

Good afternoon everyone! Today on the blog I’m sharing my trip behind the scenes at Kirk and Bradley as well as a round up of the rest of my recent road trip down to North Carolina.

After writing to you all Thursday morning from Virginia, I made my way down to Raleigh. As you North Easterners know, it’s a good thing I left so early from Connecticut that morning, because as it turns out, we had more snow… can you believe it!?

Leaving early Thursday meant that I had a chance to stop by the US headquarters of Kirk and Bradley, Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint and Elizabeth Bradley Home in Raleigh, NC on Friday. It was so wonderful to reconnect with the ladies I met at Market this past January! They were so welcoming and made me feel right at home. Just look at their beautiful new office space:

Behind the Scenes at Elizabeth Bradley Needlepoint

Of course I couldn’t leave without a canvas… so this adorable little penguin ornament had to come home with me! Isn’t he precious?

Behind the Scenes at Kirk and Bradley
Afterwards I had a chance to spend some time at
What a beautiful store!

Behind the scenes at Kirk and Bradley-

I remember visiting as a little girl with my mom way back when they were still based in Ridgewood Shopping Center! (Even before they had moved to Cameron Village.) In October of 2013 they moved to a big new location on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, North Carolina. Very exciting!

The new store is chock full of canvases and threads. There are several places to sit and stitch, and there is a lovely classroom space in the back of the store too! I can hardly wait to go back, once James gets to Ft. Bragg!

Behind the scenes at Kirk and Bradley- classroom
I even had a chance to check out the infamous Kirk and Bradley Toy Store Advent Calendar, which is an exclusive through and is on display in their store.
Let me tell you, it is every bit as stunning in person as I had imagined!

Behind the scenes at Kirk and Bradley- toy store
I’ll be sharing the rest of my trip on Stitch Style tomorrow…
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