Melissa Shirley’s Winter White Angel Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!

see url Today on Stitch Style I’m sharing Melissa Shirley’s Winter White Angel. She was my birthday present to myself while we were at Market… how could I resist!?

buy finast paypal Melissa has designed several of these angels in different color ways over the year, but this one is by far my favorite. She just looks so serene in her pale blue and white dress! I think she would be an elegant addition to anyone’s christmas tree.

Melissa Shirley's Winter White Angel (Stitched)

where to buy cefixime 400 mg So far I’ve only completed about half of the front of her dress. Irregular eyelet stitches are deceptively time consuming! But I think it will be worth the extra time and effort to get her just the want her… what do you all think? (The other nice thing about this design is that she comes on 18 mesh, rather than 13 like so many of the others!)

If you’re daunted at the prospect of having to stitch a back and a front (yes, she is double sided!), but love this design, why not stitch this beautiful Christmas stocking, or this smaller stand up with the same design? I know I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work on her.
Melissa Shirley's Mini Winter White Angel
Melissa Shirley's Winter White Angel
I know I’m putting other projects aside to work on her, but I really want her completed before the Christmas finishing rush.

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PS. Get excited everyone… the Scott Church Stitch Along starts this Sunday!!