Home from the finisher: Circus Giraffe

Look who came home from the finisher yesterday!
My Kirk and Bradley Circus Giraffe is back!

I’m pretty thrilled with how he came out. They managed to match the backing fabric to the background I had stitched on the front just perfectly. And I think the cute little bow on the top is so fun! He has a blue, green and gold twist around the edge which ties it all together. Perhaps he’s a bit busier than I would want a lot of my ornaments finished- but these circus animals are so silly to begin with… you can be a bit more over the top than usual!

Home from the finisher- giraffe

I’ve been sending them off to the finisher a few at a time. I’m not terribly concerned that they’re all finished identically, since they will all have different color backgrounds, and hang all over the Christmas tree.

Home from the finisher- hanging

The circus master is almost finished… and I’m deciding whether to start the poodle or the strong man after than. What do you guys think?! Reader’s choice: Who should I tackle next?

Home from the finisher- who next?
Home from the finisher- who next?
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