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To the Shore- Peter Ashe

Good morning everyone and happy weekend!

This is really a very exciting post for me, because my Peter Ashe house is home from the framer. This piece is titled “To the Shore” and is distributed by Julia’s Needleworks.

To the Shore
When this piece came back from market last summer, I just knew that I had to stitch it. I’m sure you all have all found those pieces that just “speak” to you too, for one reason or another. If only it was as sunny and warm outside now, as it is in this scene. I’m so sick of the snow!

To the Shore
I’m really glad I chose the frame and the matte that I did. I wanted the piece to have a sort of “old time” feel, which I think a less contemporary frame really helped capture. I think this piece will live in my house forever!

As always, a huge thank you to Troy Fine Art in Fairfield, CT for their exceptional work.

Home from the finisher: Circus Giraffe

Look who came home from the finisher yesterday!
My Kirk and Bradley Circus Giraffe is back!

I’m pretty thrilled with how he came out. They managed to match the backing fabric to the background I had stitched on the front just perfectly. And I think the cute little bow on the top is so fun! He has a blue, green and gold twist around the edge which ties it all together. Perhaps he’s a bit busier than I would want a lot of my ornaments finished- but these circus animals are so silly to begin with… you can be a bit more over the top than usual!

Home from the finisher- giraffe

I’ve been sending them off to the finisher a few at a time. I’m not terribly concerned that they’re all finished identically, since they will all have different color backgrounds, and hang all over the Christmas tree.

Home from the finisher- hanging

The circus master is almost finished… and I’m deciding whether to start the poodle or the strong man after than. What do you guys think?! Reader’s choice: Who should I tackle next?

Home from the finisher- who next?
Home from the finisher- who next?
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Melissa Shirley’s Winter White Angel

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Today on Stitch Style I’m sharing Melissa Shirley’s Winter White Angel. She was my birthday present to myself while we were at Market… how could I resist!?

Melissa has designed several of these angels in different color ways over the year, but this one is by far my favorite. She just looks so serene in her pale blue and white dress! I think she would be an elegant addition to anyone’s christmas tree.

Melissa Shirley's Winter White Angel (Stitched)

So far I’ve only completed about half of the front of her dress. Irregular eyelet stitches are deceptively time consuming! But I think it will be worth the extra time and effort to get her just the want her… what do you all think? (The other nice thing about this design is that she comes on 18 mesh, rather than 13 like so many of the others!)

If you’re daunted at the prospect of having to stitch a back and a front (yes, she is double sided!), but love this design, why not stitch this beautiful Christmas stocking, or this smaller stand up with the same design? I know I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work on her.
Melissa Shirley's Mini Winter White Angel
Melissa Shirley's Winter White Angel
I know I’m putting other projects aside to work on her, but I really want her completed before the Christmas finishing rush.

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PS. Get excited everyone… the Scott Church Stitch Along starts this Sunday!!

Baby Mockingbird Stitch Guide (Melissa Shirley Designs)

Good morning friends! I hope you all had a great weekend.

Before I run off to work this morning, I wanted to quickly share the new cover for my Baby Mockingbird Stitch Guide (Vicki Sawyer)! I think these little birdies are so precious! My favorite is the tiny one in the middle with the tall floral hat! The canvas for this design is only 9.5 by 5, which is great. Not too big or overwhelming at all!

Baby Mockingbird Stitch Guide
Just like Party in the Coop, the stitch guide will be available through Melissa Shirley Designs, which means that it is available to be ordered from any needlepoint store that carries her canvases.

The stitch guide is also always available for purchase directly from me. All you need to do is email me at and I am happy to pop one in the mail to you!

I’ve been so excited by the wonderful response that Party in the Coop has gotten. Thank you all for your kind words and your enthusiasm!

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Have a wonderful week everyone!

Finished Party in the Coop!

Good morning everyone! I have some wonderful news to share!

Some of you may have seen on Facebook, that I have finished Vicki Sawyer’s Party in the Coop!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.29.38 PM

I can’t even begin to tell you all how much I loved stitching this canvas. I truly did! Once I got going, I could hardly wait to have it done to share with all of you. I’m so excited to say that the stitch guide will be available through Melissa Shirley Designs, meaning that it can be ordered from any needlepoint store that carries her line of products.

Finished Party in the Coop

In the mean time, since I have had so many questions about availability of Party in the Coop, the stitch guide can also be ordered by emailing me directly at or through the contact page on the blog. I will then set up a PayPal invoice, and once that has been paid, I will ship the guide directly to you!

I also have stitch guides available for Vicki Sawyer’s Festive Owls and Baby Mockingbirds, which can be seen below:

Finished Party in the Coup- Festive Owls
They are also available for purchase by emailing me at

I can’t thank you all enough for your support!
And as always… Happy Stitching!


Boston University Mini-Sock

Hello friends! This morning on Stitch Style I’m sharing my Boston University Mini-Sock.

I started this canvas last week on my drive down to North Carolina. I always love to have a small, simple project going, that I can carry around in my purse. Super convenient, and a great way to pass the time when you’re waiting around. One of my favorite things about needlepointing is how relaxing an experience it can be, if you make it. I have to confess I spent a good amount of time pre-audition, stitching away. It’s a wonderful way to focus your mind, and still keep your hands busy!

Boston University Mini-sock

I just love all of Kathy Schenkel‘s designs. I think my favorite thing about them is that they are so versatile! Easy to stitch if you are a newer needlepointer, but still tons of room to play with different stitches and threads if you want.

Kathy has a ton of different University needlepoint designs- that are available both as mini-stockings and as rounds. They make great gifts for someone special’s graduation, and look wonderful displayed out all year round.

Boston University Mini-sock - USMA

Here’s the West Point mini-sock I stitched for James last year (He’s so spoiled!) Why is it that I always seem to finish his presents before mine?! I guess it’s become a convenient way to justify even more needlepoint. I’m sure you all can relate though… It means a lot to make something special for someone you love!

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