Vicki Sawyer: Party in the coop

Happy Saturday, friends!

Sorry this post is coming so late in the day! Went to work early this morning, and it was absolutely crazy the entire time! The Enriched Stitch is having a flash sale… 31% off through tomorrow. I don’t think I sat down all day long…

Well… I’ve started a new piece. Are we shocked? I know I have a problem… but who can resist these Vicki Sawyer canvases?

Party in the coop

I don’t have any affinity for roosters… but LOOK at the colors in this piece. They’re stunning. This piece came into the store on Friday morning, and left with me Friday afternoon. I think it belongs in my kitchen!

I love these canvases because of all the crazy things you can do with the hats. It’s titled Party in the Coop. So silly! Now I have to figure out six different ways to stitch roosters (plus the little chick!)

As always, I’ll be sure to share my progress as I go along!

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  • Betty Kuhlers

    absolutely love your stitching. am a long time stitcher and teacher from the north west, please put me on your friends list for future comunications, thanks a million betty

    • stitchstyle

      Thank you Betty! I sure will! Be on the look out for a confirmation email in your inbox! Thank you for reading along 🙂

  • Where can you get this design and see her others?

    • stitchstyle

      Hi Karen! All of these designs of birds with “hats” on (The Owls, Roosters and Mockingbirds!)are all canvases available through Melissa Shirley Designs. Melissa started licensing Vicki Sawyer’s art this past fall. You can see all of the designs she has available here:
      Then, order through your local needlepoint store!