Festive Owls

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Some of you may remember that I was given these beautiful festive owls by Vicki Sawyer (Melissa Shirley Designs) for Christmas…

I just wanted to share a quick update on the progress I’ve made on my festive owls…. look! Last night I finally got almost all of my background in. Once I had started stitching, I had wished I had picked a simpler background… but these tent stitch patterns are so effective, I’m glad I stuck with it!

Festive Owls

Now it’s almost time for the fun stuff…. feathers, faces and their hats!

I promise to post more pictures soon.

In the mean time, I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, filled with lots of stitching!

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  • Lisa

    i love your background!

  • Kathy

    I LOVE this canvas! I’m so excited to see what you do with it. Good choice on the background!