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Vicki Sawyer: Party in the coop

Happy Saturday, friends!

Sorry this post is coming so late in the day! Went to work early this morning, and it was absolutely crazy the entire time! The Enriched Stitch is having a flash sale… 31% off through tomorrow. I don’t think I sat down all day long…

Well… I’ve started a new piece. Are we shocked? I know I have a problem… but who can resist these Vicki Sawyer canvases?

Party in the coop

I don’t have any affinity for roosters… but LOOK at the colors in this piece. They’re stunning. This piece came into the store on Friday morning, and left with me Friday afternoon. I think it belongs in my kitchen!

I love these canvases because of all the crazy things you can do with the hats. It’s titled Party in the Coop. So silly! Now I have to figure out six different ways to stitch roosters (plus the little chick!)

As always, I’ll be sure to share my progress as I go along!

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Tiffany Box

I was so excited when I noticed that Julia’s needleworks had a needlepoint Tiffany Box among their many limoges box designs. I mean, really… hasn’t every girl wished for a little blue Tiffany Box at one point or another in her life?

Tiffany Box

I know it’s hard to tell from the canvas itself… but this blue shape folds up into a usable box- complete with brass hardware and everything. I finally had a chance to complete this little project the other day during the snowstorm.

Tiffany Box

Rather than stitching the outline of a white bow, I decided to tie a real one and tack it down to the top of the box. That way it will puff up like the bow on a real Tiffany Box would. It worked perfectly!

We have a customer at The Enriched Stitch stitching one for her granddaughter for her college graduation. Once it’s all made up, she’s planning on putting a string of pearls in it for her. What a thoughtful gift!

I think this is going to be adorable once it’s all made up. The only downfall is that the canvas didn’t come with a Tiffany diamond too!

Colors of praise chinese paper lanterns

Good afternoon everyone!

You all should have known it wouldn’t be long until I started my next big piece… I’m very excited to say that I’ve decided to take on these Colors of Praise Chinese Paper Lanterns. I don’t have a particular affinity for Chinoiserie, but I think these lanterns are amazing! (And also pose lots of challenges… so I certainly won’t get bored.)

Colors of Praise

If you’ve never seen Marie’s designs you have to check out her website. All of her canvases are incredible. So bright and vibrant. Just my style!

She is also the woman who designs these beautiful table scenes with ginger jars and tea pots. My friend Mary Susan just finished these- and they were incredible!

Colors of Praise Ginger Jars

I’ll be sure to post pictures of my progress with you all as I go along. I can hardly wait to get going!

Snowed in and stitching away

Snowed in this morning in Fairfield, CT, and it’s still coming down! I can’t remember the last time I saw this much snow. I feel like I’ve been shoveling the driveway for an eternity… writing to you all is a welcomed break.

After finishing my Snowy Owls the other day, I really felt like I needed to complete something small. I turned to this darling Amanda Lawford ornament, that’s been in progress for a while.

Snowed in- A star a star

James gave this canvas to me after I helped him move to Ft. Leonard Wood this past fall. (He’s a Second Lieutenant in the Army, and is stationed near St. Louis right now). He’s sweet enough to know I always need projects to help pass the time while he’s away.

As someone who grew up singing in choir, I’ve loved this series for a long time. I’ve just sort of collected one canvas at a time as I’ve found them, and haven’t been terribly concerned about having them all finished identically, since they each have their own personality.

Snowed in-completed AL ornaments

All the canvases have partial lyrics to famous christmas carols on them… Deck the halls, Joy to the world, Jingle Bells… all the holiday staples!

They come in two different sizes- a mini 3 inch version on 18 mesh (like the ones I’m working on), and a larger 4 inch version on 13. Simple and festive!

Snowed in-series

snowed in- 2 more

Friends on the East Coast- I hope you are all surviving the storm! What are you stitching to pass the time on this wintery day?
Email me pictures at: (along with your first name and hometown!) and I will share the them in a special “reader-showcase” post for all of you!

Finished Festive Owls

Nothing like an unexpected snow day to finish up some incomplete projects…

I’m just thrilled to say that I’ve finally finished my festive owls! I couldn’t be more excited to have them done!

Festive Owls Finished

They will be framed into a shadow box like my Baby Mockingbirds are. I think they’re going to look just wonderful together on my wall.

Finished Festive Owls- complete Mockingbirds

I truly think that Melissa Shirley has outdone herself with her new artist Vicki Sawyer. These have to be some of the most beautiful canvases out there right now. They provide such a wonderful opportunity to be creative, and to stitch “outside-the-box.”

I can hardly wait for our order from Melissa Shirley to arrive from market. If you haven’t seen her new collection of canvases, make sure to check them out here.

There will be a stitch guide available. Contact the Enriched Stitch for more information.

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Let it snow, let it snow!

Hello from snowy Connecticut!

I woke up this morning to about four inches of snow. Sadly, we had to close the store, and cancel Saturday canvas embellishment when we found out the parking lot wasn’t shoveled yet…

It’s actually been lovely to have the morning off. I’ve been very busy writing stitch guides and cooking. Plus my Festive Owls are almost done… I promise a blog on them soon. I can hardly wait to share them with you all!

Let it snow- blank canvas
In the spirit of the day, I’m sharing this adorable Associated Talents sign. It reads “Let it Snow!”…. perfect for the winter weather we’re having. I think this is a great design, because it can be left out all season long.

Let it snow!
Associated Talents has lots of these signs, designed for all different holidays and seasons….

Let it snow- AT easter sign
I have to confess, I couldn’t resist ordering myself the Easter sign at Market!

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