What’s on my mind

Wow! What a wonderful week it has been. Friends and family visiting… lots of delicious food… tons of stitching! This evening I’m sharing what’s on my mind today.

1. My Festive Owls… This afternoon, I worked on the background on my Festive Owls by Vicki Sawyer (Melissa Shirley Designs). I promise to share the finished product, as soon as they’re done!

Vicki Sawyer's Festive Owls have been on my mind lately

2. Chilly Hollow Blog… Last night Stitch Style was added to the list of blogs on Chilly Hollow. I’m over the moon!

Chilly Hollow on my mind

Stitch Style on my mind

Welcome to any new readers who found me via Jane’s blog. You’re always welcome here!

3. 12 days until we head to market! 15 days until I turn 23!

4. My stitching buddies… Meet Dilly and Mimi, my yellow and black labs.

Lazy puppies on my mind

They’re both total snuggle bugs, and can often be found curled up next to me while I stitch. I’m sure they’ll be making repeat appearances on the blog, too!

Stitching buddy on my mind

  • Of course I added you as soon as I found you! I’m just ashamed it took you 5-6 postings before I found your blog. I’m getting OLD and losing a step in my mastery of the needlepoint world online!!!

    Oh, well, at least you are much younger and can pick up the slack. Good luck, kid!
    Jane, waving and shouting Happy New Year from you-know-where