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Boston Needlepoint Frame

I love practical needlepoint!

Ok… scratch that… there’s nothing truly practical about this hobby…

I love needlepoint that “does” something. That can be left out to be enjoyed year round, and serves a purpose!

That’s why today on the blog I’m sharing my Boston Needlepoint Picture Frame.

My Boston Needlepoint Frame sitting on my bedside table!

As some of you may know, this past spring I graduated from Boston University. I found this picture frame at Knit & Needlepoint on Newbury Street, in the Back Bay area.

I picked this piece for the New England theme… Nantucket Baskets, Back Bay town houses, lobsters, the Massachusetts State House, and of course, the swan boats and the duckling statues that can be seen in the Boston Public Gardens.

(The statues are based on the book “Make way for Ducklings” written by Robert McCloskey).

Boston Needlepoint Frame Inspiration at the Boston Commons

I put a picture of James and me at the Head of the Charles Regatta in it- another special “Boston” event.

Boston Needlepoint Frame Close-Up

I have many fond memories of my time in Boston, so this picture frame was the perfect way to commemorate my four years there.

What pieces have you all stitched to remind you of special life events?

What’s on my mind

Wow! What a wonderful week it has been. Friends and family visiting… lots of delicious food… tons of stitching! This evening I’m sharing what’s on my mind today.

1. My Festive Owls… This afternoon, I worked on the background on my Festive Owls by Vicki Sawyer (Melissa Shirley Designs). I promise to share the finished product, as soon as they’re done!

Vicki Sawyer's Festive Owls have been on my mind lately

2. Chilly Hollow Blog… Last night Stitch Style was added to the list of blogs on Chilly Hollow. I’m over the moon!

Chilly Hollow on my mind

Stitch Style on my mind

Welcome to any new readers who found me via Jane’s blog. You’re always welcome here!

3. 12 days until we head to market! 15 days until I turn 23!

4. My stitching buddies… Meet Dilly and Mimi, my yellow and black labs.

Lazy puppies on my mind

They’re both total snuggle bugs, and can often be found curled up next to me while I stitch. I’m sure they’ll be making repeat appearances on the blog, too!

Stitching buddy on my mind

Home from the framer

Today on the blog, I’m sharing my Baby Mockingbirds!

They’re home from the framer, and I’m so excited!

It took me a little while to figure out where I wanted to hang them, but I finally decided they belonged in my bedroom, above my bedside table. Here they are:

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 5.41.26 PM

(As you can see, I have a bit of a thing for birds…)

Here’s a close up of them framed. The amazing Troy of Troy Fine Art and Framing did a wonderful job. They’re finished as a shadow box, because of all the “stuff” on their heads.

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 5.49.38 PM

Santa Claus clearly knows me well, because he brought me Vicki Sawyer‘s Festive Owls for Christmas! (Melissa Shirley Designs).

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 5.48.59 PM

You can follow along here as I stitch them… I’ll be sure to share my progress!

Christmas needlepoint

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope your day was filled with love and joy, and was spent surrounded by family and friends.

Now that Christmas day is almost over, and presents have been exchanged, I can finally share with you all some of the gifts I gave this Christmas.

Christmas needlepoint Kirk and Bradley present

I stitched myself this cute little pineapple scissor fob a few months ago, and my mom had commented on how much she liked it. Kirk and Bradley makes lots of scissor fobs in many different designs. With all the stitching she does, I decided I would make her one too…

I had always intended on buying her a pair of scissors to go with them, and finally decided on this pair of Sajou scissors. She had been eyeing mine when I brought them home the other day, so she was just thrilled to receive her own pair from me under the tree!

Christmas Needlepoint scissors for my mom

While I was out visiting James at Ft. Leonard Wood this past fall, we made a trip to Sign of the Arrow in St. Louis. (Yes, he is a very patient man!)

What a beautiful store! Sign of the Arrow is a non-profit needlepoint and gift store, staffed by all volunteers. It is run as part of Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropy and the profits go to benefit the local community. They had an extensive selection of canvases to chose from, many with local themes.

Christmas needlepoint ornaments for James

James bought me this Silver Needle St. Louis ornament before we left the store. So, I finished it by Christmas and wrapped it up under the tree, along with another ornament by The Point of it All Designs.

It reads “I love a man in uniform!” Just perfect for us! (After all, it is the truth!)

holiday round-up

Guess what everyone?! Christmas Eve tomorrow! Yay!

I can hardly believe where the time has gone… weren’t we just celebrating Thanksgiving last week? All the rushing around and chaos will hopefully simmer down, and we’ll all finally be able to spend some quality time relaxing with family and friends. I’m excited to be off of work all next week until New Years. Time to reset and recharge before 2015!

I wanted to share some of the things that have been on my mind leading up to the holidays in my holiday round-up!

1. Unpacking our Christmas ornaments.

With both my mom and myself having stitched primarily Christmas ornaments for many years, I think the quantity may have finally caught up on us! Oh my word! I had truly forgotten just how many there were. For many years we did nothing but basketweave, since that’s what my mom learned from her mom, and what I learned from mine…

holiday round up- lots of ornaments

My mom stitched this sweet little piece when I was probably 10. I remember thinking she was out of her MIND putting a bead on the canvas for Rudolph’s nose… Now, looking back I don’t think he could have been stitched more plainly if we had tried… She didn’t even use a different fiber for the hat and the beard?

Holiday round up- Santa and Rudolph

My how the times have changed!

(And for the better, I might add!)

2. Sajou Scissors.

Suzie gave all the girls in the store beautiful pairs of Sajou scissors for Christmas. Aren’t they stunning?! They are made in France and the blades are all cut to match. Mine are tortoise shell with little daisies on them, but there are so many beautiful designs! I haven’t stitched a ton this week with all the running around, so I can hardly wait to really get to use them more.

Holiday round up- Sajou scissors

3. Kate Dickerson’s Herend Christmas Bunny

After a stressful day last week, my colleague Mary Susan and I had a little bit of retail therapy! Kate Dickerson designs these darling little Herend bunnies in blue and pink.

Holiday Round up- Herend Bunny

She just recently started producing them in Christmas colors with ribbons around their necks. I don’t usually like mixing my holidays, but really, who could resist this little guy?

Holiday round-up- Christmas Herend bunny

There is a matching bunny who lays on his tummy and faces towards the little guy above… when I finish this one, I think I may have to order him a friend!

4. My 23rd birthday

My 23rd birthday falls on January 11th… right in the middle of TNNA’s winter trade show. I’m bound to get myself into trouble… who wants to take bets on what birthday presents I’ll buy myself?!

If I don’t have a chance to post again before the holidays, I wish you and your families a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Finishing: Associated Talents Starfish

When we send things of to the finisher, we’re never 100% sure what will come home. Sure, you can pick a fabric color and material, and specify the colors of twists, bows and other embellishments that you want… but you can never be totally positive what the outcome will be. (Especially at the Christmas rush!)

Finishing: Associated talents Starfish front

I recently got this darling little Associated Talents starfish back, and he’s just as cute as he could be. The finisher added little bows, and the most PERFECT green and pink polka dot ribbon on the side gusset.

Finishing: Associated talents Starfish side

Associated Talents does a whole series of these starfish in various sizes. I think I may have to stitch another… and best of all? You can leave them out year round!